Newbie Grower Needing Help

Hello, new to the forum and looking to grow my own medicine! I have acess to a excavator and am handy enough to I believe build my own grow bunker. I would like to dig a 8x8 hole and place a insulated wood box inside with a hatch. Where I live it does get very cold during winter and id like to grow year round. This is where I am running into problems. I was thinking of running my intake and exghaust right up out the top. With that being said in the cold months I believe no matter the lights, pulling 30 degree air into the room would kill the plants! Any ideas to get around this thrown my way are appriciated! Also any suggestions for the setup will be appriciated! Thanks guys. Ps. I can post a drawing of it for better underatanding if needed

You will have to have a heat source and your tubbing for your exhaust will have to be insulated.
Another issue is water for nutrients and what not it freezes pretty quickly when hauling it to the site. Cold should not be to hard on your lights.


I would need to make almost a pre stage with maybe some heat lamps before it goes to the actual room? And the water will be alright the bunker will be not but 50 yars away from my back door

Wow…no experience with cold weather. However, betcha others here do and will offer good advice. Definitely,the air has to be heated to a plant friendly temp and stay that way.

Would it be possible to heat air at intervals as opposed to running full time?
I would suggest space heaters as they would provide heat AND co2 which the plants would thrive on. HOWEVER, the underground enclosed space would quickly turn into a co2 environment that would be lethal to oxygen breathing humans.

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I think you could run a free standing portable air conditioner, ducting the intake from outside. You can simply set the temp and it will adjust as needed.

You are going to have a lot of challenges with doing this but it sounds interesting.

Hey thanks guys appriciate the input. If I get this operation going I will definitely post pics!!

Very interesting mate have you come across any journals on this forum about building your own room? If you don’t mind post up your plans you will get the help you need the more important information you can post good luck :v:️.

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Please cut me some slack im no artist but a basic idea of what im looking for so you guys can better understand


There is alot off work to do in all off that mate but if needs be and you have the means il follow along with interest for sure good luck with your grow :v:️.

I’em working on this one I like a good challenge

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@Mesquaki you have got the interest off, as you can see by the title a very well respected person and who I think personally that has a wealth of experience and knowledge when it come to anything with growing MJ or like you are trying to do and the effort it will take as I said I’m along for the ride mate also :+1:


From what I know for sure is your going to have to run yoiur water even if it’s a trickle the pipe will not freeze. That’s a Fact !! .

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Forget weed for a minute, and look into making an underground ‘home’. Look up climate control and see what people are doing to keep a nice living environment. i.e. 70’s, medium humidity. Especially off-grid, survivalist stuff.

Also, since underground is more climate controlled, you could bury a metal or cement pipe for your intake to run through.

If you have acess to a excavator dig a 4’ deep ditch 50 yards to your home and bring everything in that way . Water , electricity , and warm air through a 6" pic pipe . It will cost though . $$$ .

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How far are you willing to go with this mate, like are you thinking hard lador or have you got access to the machinery to make it easier on you?

Ain’t me doing the digging. I’m a thinking guy :wink:

OK you have the means and a plan how do you an on doing this thread mate can you let us in on the thinking part but then we would need to know are we going to do in our back’s in or get to get to through it with you, if you don’t want to give much I understand off course its just if me and other people that might be interested and thinking this way it would be a great help for us anyway good luck :v:️.

Seriously dude LOL. It ain’t my ditch we’re digging. I’m not the original poser of the question :slight_smile: I have a background in residential construction and heating and air (among other things) and was just spit balling ideas.

Nice one listen I just love getting the insights into the whole set up and it’s all good to know mate :wink:.

No worries. I just thought it was funny that you were giving me the 3rd degree about the plan! :laughing: But if you want, we can tell this bloke exactly what to do and see how it turns out - with no ill effect on our side LOL