Newbie Grow Please help me 🙂

Hi a little help here Please. Can you tell me if my plants are starting to flower or If they are not should I start flowering now? I never train them and I never trim them. I just kind of let them do their own thing all are Auto’s .One is a AK-47 , bubblegum, and White Widow. I feed them fox farm nutrients and they are in Fox farm soil. First Grow.
The other pictures are today .
Last picture is October 31 2021
They are about 8 weeks old.
If you see any issues with the plants like leaves or anything please let me know thank you :sweat_smile::slightly_smiling_face:



Looks like it is in pre-flower.


Those are 8 weeks old and they’re Auto’s? They should have flowered long ago.


Thanks. That’s what I was thinking. Should I do 12/12 just in case?

Thank you. Do you think it will flower on its own?

If you want them to flower fip to 12/12 and see what happens

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You dont have much room in ur tent but ur plants are in pre flower as one of the other members has said you may want to do lst training and defoliate abit

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I think your plant in the back corner is getting too much light and the one closest to the camera seems to be over watered but I am a newbie so please cross reference my advice.

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They look like they they are flipping to me. Very vibrant. I think they are getting ready to flower and look very healthy. Growing straight and true does not hurt a thing. Keep rolling.

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Thank you

Thank you for the advice they are reaching for the light so I think it is too much light for that one I moved it

Thank you I flip to 12/12 now

Thank you. I have to look up how to training and defoliate.

There are some good videos on YouTube

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