Newbie grow journal

How do they look? Soaked them in water for 24hours, transfer to wet paper towel and placed in ziplock bag in dark room for 24 hours.


I’m a newbie also so have no input! Good luck on this new journey.

Really wonderful group and lots of help from others that are so willing to help us newbies


They look great the ones with long tails are ready for whatever medium your using

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Alive! Plant those ladies.


Plant those lovely seedlings…smiles

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Day 2

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Geez, with ten plants you will have your hands full in a couple of months time.

You are doing great!


Day 4

Awsome you will have hands full

Are these all the same type of plant? Excited to read along. I am a newbie growing also.

Looking good. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have a hard time getting seedlings out of those trays without harming the roots.

The best way I have found is to cut the tray apart into individual cubes. I then slit the cube open with a razor blade.

Yes they are gelato.

I did not know that. This is my first time growing. I will try your method when I am ready to transfer.

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Be careful not to cut the roots when slitting the outside tray wall. I try to go at an extreme angle almost parallel to the wall


Should I be worry about this plant? It does not look as strong as the rest.

No worries each will be a little diffrent

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Day 8


Looking good keep it up!

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I noticed that this one looks different from the rest of the other plants. Is that normal?

Should grow out of it