Newbie grow in tent. Early MAG deficiency?

Hello to all,

I am a newbie in growing and have been doing quite a bit of research before starting my grow.
I am growing in a 2x4 tent with 2x Mars Hydro Ts1000. I am growing auto Northern light in organic soil. Ph is at 6.3 and they are growing in 5 gallons fabric pots

The sprouting went fine. I am now at day 12 and I am starting to worry about my plant. I

I noticed on some leafs that I have some slight discoloration. It is a little hard to tell from the pictures but it looks like the leafs are starting to have a lighter green pattern to some of the leaves.
I did some research on deficiency but found it hard to pin point. I believe that it looks like a MAG deficiency. Can anyone help me out woth this?

Am i reacting too quickly and this is a normal pattern?

Any input would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance!


Hello @Donmeven first welcome to the neighborhood :grinning: I don’t see anything concerning at all leaves can and will have some discoloration in them naturally. They look pretty happy to me.
What are you feeding them?


Thank you for such a quick reply.
I was really starting to worry but your words will ease my mind.

For the feeding, i made my compost using left overs, leafs, cofee grind, some worm casting, kelp and some grinded seafood and seaweeds. To be honest this is a test and I do not know how well it will work.

I want to try to LST this girl even if everywhere I read it says not to LST if this is your first grow. But seeing the discoloration I thought I should make sure she is healthy before trying to train her.

I will let her be for a few days a post an update.

Thanks again for the quick reply


Cal mag def or nutrient lock


OH Wow… I am far from that at the moment.

Thanks for the quick reply and pictures. You guys just made my nighr alot better :slightly_smiling_face:.

I really appreciate it.

Awesome to be part of such a good community


Here’s a couple good tools to keep somewhere for future reference, I still use them. The last one is hard as hell to read but you can go to the site

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Thanks a bunch!

I’m going to keep those close to the tent for sure.

Really appreciate your help.

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Hi there,

I do not want to bother and am a little off topic but have been looking at your grows and they are awesome.

I thought I would reach out to you for another quick question about LST. I read alot about it and seems like the sooner you start the better but I could not find a lst guide as to what the nod spacing needs to be for Lst to work. Or does it even matter?

I noticed you topped your autos but I do not feel like I am at that point in aquired experience.
Looking at my girl I find the node spacing to be quite tight and I am wondering if it would be a problem if I start Lst now?

Any input would be appreciated as always.

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I’m not real familiar with autos and I’m still not sure how much abuse they will take so it makes me hesitant about giving to much advice on them. I topped the autos I grew and just tucked and cut the bigger fan leaves in order for the new branches below to get more light. So my suggestion would be to do the same because it worked out pretty good for me. If I’m counting them right you are almost where I would top them, I let the 6th node come out before I topped them between the 4th and 5th node that leaves you with 4 sets of branches to work with. I count the nodes starting at the 1st muti fingered leaves not the single leaves at the bottom. Once the plants recover and the top branches have two nodes remove the fan leaves below just the top two branches and just pull down all the other fan leaves tucking them under the branches growing under them.

Doing mine this way worked out I figured I’d try tying the branches down on my next round or at least a few of them so I can learn more about them. I have been growing photos forever so doing these were simple to me I was just unsure how the autos would act after and they did good. Hope this helps you out, feel free to ask questions along the way I’ll continue trying to help

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Once again thank you so much!!!

Awesome info you just gave me. I will try out your way for sure. I was given a 14 day old auto Banana Kush yesterday, i will be trying what you said on her and I think I will leave the Northern light alone to see the difference in resutls and to make sure I have a at least a little medecine in case I screw up.

I believe my next grow will be a photo since from what I understand it is more forgiving with beginners. I have only been on this forum for 24h and have learned sooo much thanks to growers like you.

Again thanks a bunch! Not expecting any results close to yours, just hoping for some results.

You are the man @MeEasy


We are all here to learn I know I’m still picking up something almost everyday and I’ve been growing since the 80s my problem is remembering all of it I’ve probably got 50 +pages of notes that I copy paste from everywhere

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We all forget… might have some to do with the medecine :smile:

I am pretty sure you can forget more then I will ever learn.

Well… this morning I had a little surprise on my girl. Some spots appeared on one of the leaves. Makes me think of deficiency but I have not yet figured out which one. What I find akward is that it seems to only be affecting 1 leaf. I have been looking into this for a while now and can’t figure it out. I was thinking of leaving it alone to see if it spreads to the other leaves but I am not sure that is a good idea. Would you have any clue as to what this could be?

Thanks in advanceProcessing: 20210702_185750.jpg…

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Pictures did not seem to work. Second attempt

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My first guess is that you splashed something on the leaf especially because it is isolated to the single finger of one leaf. Where do you get your water and have you tested it? (Ph n tds)

I thought about the splashing, but I have not given her water in a few days now.
The water is normal tap water from my well. Ph is adjusted to 6.3 before watering. As for tds I have no clue.

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It’s a good idea to get a meter to test your tds. I would just watch closely and if it gets worse you’ll have to figure it out could be some to much or more likely to little of something in your water (mineral possibly calcium)
Another question… what are you using for ph adjustment and what is the ph without adjusting it
In soil unless you are feeding salts it’s not necessary to water to runoff, and with most organic you don’t want runoff at all… ph adjustment is not necessary in most cases growing in soil

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Thanks for the info. I will get a meter asap.

I adjust with Ph down, my Ph before adjustement is usualy 7.0. I was not sure if i needed to adjust since it was in soil. As I was not part of this forum yet I relied on a colleague who told me to drop my Ph as 7.0 was too high. I’m a little confused about this right now.

Another question. I did play with her a little yesterday ( to see how she would bend) and had a leaf who ended up directly on the soil for a few hours untill it got back up. Can’t remember if it was that leaf however. Do you think a contact with soil for a few hours could cause this?


At a ph of 7 it’s not necessary to adjust the your soil will take care of it. If you want to adjust it anyway (alot of people do) I would use something natural like vitamin C lemon juice vinegar baking soda etc some of those go up n others down I’d have to double check to be 100% sure. The up n down mixes sold most not all can buildup in your soil and cause an issue later on. This is why you hear these guys talking about flushing their soil, you have to wash out the salts n chemicals in the man made plant food every time you water (runoff) with organic you don’t want to wash away the material in the soil because you need it there to feed your plants.
I’m saying all this with the assumption that you are using quality soil that has been amended properly.
Yes a leaf can absorb something from touching the soil and cause this. Yes


I will stop adjusting it then. Worst thing is I thought about bringing the Ph down with vinegar but didn t go for it as I thought it might be too harsh for the plant. Weird reasoning :upside_down_face:

I’ll let her be for the night and see if it spreads or not.

Once again thanks for the valuable info.

I’m out for the night.

Take care

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Quick update for you if interested.

The marks on my leaf did not spread at all. I left the plant be and did not adjust anything as it does not spread on the leaf or to other leaves.

But this morning I was in for a big surprise. Not a good surprise.
I noticed that pre flowering had begun. I am on day 21.
The plant is only 7 inches tall. I knew it would get into flowering quick but did not expect a 7inch plant to start flowering.
This is not a good news I believe, as I have a hard time seeing 7inch plant producing any harvest.
I wanted to throw it away this morning as I was not sure I wanted to waste energy on a plant that might not even give me 7gs. But I think I will let her finish anyway.

I am now scratching my head, trying to find what I did wrong to produce such a small plant.

I wanted to thank you for all your great inputs and hopefully my next grow will go better.

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