Newbie got 2 plants

Hey Yawl got my very first 2 plants transplanted from seedling tray to half gallon pots, put them outside after being under led grow lamp. Transplanted one with Happy Frog potting soil the other with Fox Farm Ocean Forrest. After that I gave them a good drink of 5.1.1 Alaska Fish Fertilizer…How long before sex will start showing???


Welcome! What strain ? Autos? Photos? Bag seeds?

Usually not until they mature and begin to flower.

How they look???


I have know idea they werected seeds saved from 04 harvest of a skunk breed called Rudy Red

Looking good. I’d treat them like photos. Won’t be able to tell sex for a while.


@autoservtech14 You got a little wait to go. relax, read the forums and you’ll learn ALOT! Good people in here with tons of info for the asking!


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Are these any good.

@autoservtech14 one of these guys might be able to help you @latewood @bob31 @Majiktoker @Hogmaster

Not familiar with that brand