Newbie first try ,ready or not?

Here are my blueberry autos. About 11 weeks . Hard to see the trichromes with my crappy magnifier. And eyes😆 I fell like the most yellow plant is ready .IMG_20200707_224231|375x500


The pics are not the best , they are from my tablet.


Some look close and others look like they have a bit to go looking at the hairs. But thise could all turn over in another week. How are the crystals looking??

That first pic looks like it’s revegging what light schedule are you on?

I did see a few cloudy ones , but my 10x magnifier from harbor freight is suspect . Maybe one more week?

They’ve been under 24 \7

@Carol4486 @ValiumZ also they also seem to stop taking in water . And I’ve read mixed advice on taking the cola first and letting the rest go a few more days.

@Carol4486 good morning, get the day rolling. May I ask what you are seeing to think revegging?
The mix of brown with green leaves at top? Just for my info base. Thanks

Here are some better pics

they are in FF happy frog . So far I’m impressed with the plants considering the low overhead cost . I got the grow light on clearance in home Depot for 50 bucks. 60w feit led. And 2 screw in feit grow bulbs . In a repurposed armoire. I would like a tent for a little more room.

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A lot of white pistols still ,another week, just my opinion


The size of what looks like single leaves at the top are huge and looking at it she looks spindly

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You ever think about throwing her in the dark a few days? Lots of good reads out there I also do it myself. The week before harvest I load my pot up with ice and throw her under 48-72 hours of complete darkness. After that I cut her down for harvest and ohhhweeee.



You just dump ice cubes into the pot or ice water mixture and just leave the ice cubes in the pot for the two days of darkness?!? I was going to take hellraisers advice and do the few days of darkness and just take pictures of the buds to see the difference before and after. Anyone who grows like he does is worth heeding any advice he doles out.


@ValiumZ yeah just fill her up with ice. Depending on if you lollipop or whatnot (mines way to low for that) I would over fill that sucker. It’s like the plant having it’s first autumn frost. Sends her shooting everything she has left into those precious buds.

2,4,6 how ever many days of darkness it’s not going to hurt the plant especially when your done. It’s works as a flush too. I’ve read where some growers leave it in the dark for 10-14 days and just keep packing ice. Idk I find it to be a really cool concept

Sounds like a plan man! I got a fair amount of space between soil and top of pot.

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I just found another thread on here of this very thing side by side with stem splitting which I was already going to do. It has some picture comparisions of buds 12 hrs apart and you can see the increase in trichomes big time. Then ir said do 2 days dark after ice bath and its done.