Newbie…First grow

I am a newbie too, just passing on what dudes on here have told me. 40 watts per square foot. 4x4x40 or 640 watts. If you want see a comedy of errors take a look at my 2 threads. I basically doubled everything wrong. :slight_smile:


I bought mine as a complete kit…Was simpler on my brain …:joy: I can definitely see after buying a off the shelf kit and seeing how
It all works I see how you’d want to custom build up your tent/room to you likings


HLG350R Would grow 3 plants to their finest. Be a nice upgrade to the 4x4


Hahaha! I did 4 for my first grow. Legal limit anyway.

You should be okay in the learning process as long as you have enough space and lighting.

Good luck! You can do it!

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This crazy old man has 2 tents. 5x5x80 and 4x4x80.
My stash is going to be so big.