Newbie DWC Grow - 1st Week IN

Ok, I am going to post some questions here since my grow log doesn’t have many followers yet.

Room Temp: 72
Tent Temp: 75 / 60% humidity
Water Temp: 72
PPM: 250
PH: 5.9
Light: 425w 30"

How does this look, are they stretching or do you see anything odd?
My concern is that I don’t show any roots under the baskets yet.
Should I lower the lights to 24"?

I have no idea how tall or fast they should be at this point. I’d imagine once the roots get into the bucket it will speed up?
I planted them into the buckets last Tuesday. This is my first grow. My setup description is in my sig.

The third bucket has a new seed in it. I am going to try to germinate that one in the bucket.

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@zurple welcome friend. I start my seeds thusly.
Soak seed in cup of water with a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide. Let soak for 24hrs. Place in wet paper towel, fold over and place in a ziplock bag. Place in drawer for a couple of days. When tail emerges, I place them in a damp piece of rock wool, and into a humidity dome. This goes under a 125w, 6500k CFL bulb for 7 days, 24hr lights on, then moved to bucket. Water level in bucket should be 1 1/2 inch below bottom of net pot. That way, air bubbles from your air stones will pop at the surface and keep things moist. You do NOT want your rock wool to get wet. Once the roots reach the water, your growth will explode. Feel free to tag me anytime. If I don’t know the answer, I will find someone that does.

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Thank you. I’m going to do it that way next time.

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Hatchlings need roots to stay moist…until roots are well developed.
Can’t keep expanded clay moist. Best to start hatchlings in clear cup with soil till roots are developed, then move to rocks.

Best to use a growool block until the roots show out the bottom then move to clay balls.