Newbie bud question

Strain; Type,Cali Connection Girl Scout Cookies- Feminized Seed
Hydroponic Grow in Coco
System type? DWC
PH 5.8
General Hydroponics Flora Series with CalMagic
What is strength of nutrient mix? 500 ppm
Indoor Grow in 2x4x6 Gorilla Lite tent
Light system, Platinum LED (P300) x 2
Temps; Day,75 Night 68
Water Temps Day 73 Night 68
Humidity; Day, 50% Night 50%
Ventilation system; 6" HV Inline Fan (424 CFM) 2 small oscillating fans (1 high, 1 low)
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier - None needed yet
Co2; No

Starting Week 1 of Flush, since I’m new to this I have no idea what i’m looking at, how do these buds look?


They look good, but they without knowing the tricome color we cant really tell you if they are ready or not, also it depends how long you flush for. Also I see some bleaching in your first 2 pics, you may want to back your light off or dim it a bit.

You have some light bleaching going on… lights are lil to close for some of those top buds… also you said you were in coco… and dwc? Not sure I understand…


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Sorry Clay pellets & bucket with the airstone on the bottom. I tried soil before but was terrible with watering, was either to dry or over watered it. Just ran into my worst fear with hydro - my power just went out.

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Unfortunately, the top of your buds are looking light bleached.

Is your power still out?


Yes I got power back about 8 hours later. Luckily it was during the dark hours so the light cycle wasn’t disrupted. Didn’t like having no bubbles, was working on borrowing a generator if it had lasted longer.

Per recommendations I raised the lights.