Newbie - Autoflower Outdoor Pacific Northwest

My first post and I bow down at all the expertise here. Learning so much by reading from all of your experiences here - thanks so much for sharing them. I’m a newbie to growing and after deciding that it’s likely better to just start “growing and learn” than “reading about it”, I jumped in.

I’ve germinated a couple of Amnesia Haze seeds and a White Widow (second seed didn’t open) - all autoflowers from Robert.

I filled (3) three gallon pots with Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil cut with a little perlite. I put the three seeds just under the top of the soil, root down and mist/watered the soil.

I live outside Seattle and this grow is total legit so I’ll be growing outside. I may try feminized/ regular seeds in the future but I do have neighbors and I’d rather start off low key with autoflowers and see how things go.

Some questions are…
(1) I’m wondering at what point do I consider moving the plants outside? Weather here in Seattle is pretty mild, we’re just starting to hit highs of about 60, lows in the high 40s. That’s pretty chilly at night. When I do, should I use domes?
(2) Until I move them outside, how do I provide them enough light? I do have a smallish (5"X5") grow light I’ve been using to start vegetables - is that enough along with being next to a large window or do I need to buy a larger indoor setup for the first few weeks? If so, is there a size/power I should consider? I likely won’t ever need to grow more than 4 plants at a time.
(3) Do I need to be concerned about giving young plants too much sunshine or can they not get enough? Specifically - I was thinking about moving my pots out during the day (when it’s warm and sunny) and then bringing them inside overnight - we’re only talking about 3 plants so… But I don’t want to burn my babies. When would it be safe to do this?

My tentative game plan was to put them near a window, add the small grow light 24 hrs and then try to get them outside as soon as possible to use the power of sunshine to my advantage. I thought the use of clear, plastic domes might get them out there a little earlier than without but I’m all ears hoping for suggestions, criticism and questions.

Sorry for all the questions. I read as much as I could prior to asking. Seems like there are just so many variables that we all deal with.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Moving them outdoors during the day is fine. The first few days don’t put in direct sunlight to acclimate but then after that they will take all the sunshine they can get.


First, welcome to the forum, and you’re asking a lot of good questions. You’re right, the nights are too cold, so putting them out during the day is ideal, just get them inside before it gets to chilly. Sunshine through a window isn’t really enough, but you can supplement with a grow light. What are the watts on you light and what kind is it? LED, CFL? If you’re looking to buy a new light, you should do your research first. There are so many options and it really depends on your grow space.

For the first week or so, seedlings should be kept under a dome for high humidity, and kept indoors for protection. After that, they can safely go outside during the day.


Thanks for the quick replies and help.

The light I’ve got is a LED and can be seen here

It doesn’t say how many “watts” specifically on it. The numbers listed on it are 660nm, 630nm, 460nm and 2700 Kelvins. But this language is right at the edge of the fixture and the "n"s may be something else - they are hard to read. I was hoping that this small light along with some residual sunshine might get me thru the first few weeks until the full Sun treatment begins. Running that light 24/7 is no problem on them because they’re autos, right?

So, first week or so, inside w dome. Then outside during sunny/warm days. Then at some point (hopefully) outside permanently for the rest of their run.
Because of the Fox Farm soil I know I don’t need to feed until the 4th or 5th week so I’m sure I’ll have tons of questions then too.


Awesome. Thanks.

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Ok, I think that light you have should be fine for a week or two of seedlings. And your plan for putting them outside should work well. You’re also correct on the Foxfarm soil not needing any feeding for a few weeks, you’ve done your homework. Though sometimes seedlings don’t take well to that soil because it’s so hot. You might want to use something else for the seedlings.

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Because 2018 is likely a big learning year for me, I’ll likely start another round in a few weeks. Would it makes sense to “water down” the Fox Farm with just some good local organic potting soil? Maybe a 50/50 blend to take some of the heat off or is that not how it works?

The temps might be too cool for auto’s but next season if you go to just a fem seed the temps are ok. I have plants out now… (currently 46 degrees). Done it like this for years never lost a plant …

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Thanks squatch, will keep it in mind. I’d love to get the increased yield, just not sure of the higher profile of the larger plant. Is there a strain you’d suggest? I could try to sneak it in this year if I moved pretty quick on the order. Only goal I’m focused on are to deal with pain and help w sleep. So, all the cbd and thc as possible woulf be great. In the end, likely going to use via rso oil if that makes a difference.

your going to need 6 months for a fem . Ive got some gold leaf going now with a couple White widows. I grew crystal last year… excellent strain. plan on trying some bruce banner next hrow. All are good for what u want I think. All were bought from ILGM

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I am growing both Gold Leaf and White Widow feminized as @Sasquatch is doing.

The White Widow plants are much more compact than the Gold Leaf but both are relatively manageable, size wise. Easier to manage the size of feminized seeds through training. All but the low stress techniques have the potential of messing up the autos. Autos don’t respond well to stress.

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good point @merlin44 I used lst on a few of the crystal I grew last time. did some on the WW also. Both took it like a champ!

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So, and please correct me if I’m wrong, since it’s basically May 1st, taking into account I live near Seattle, it’s my first year - it wouldn’t sound like a bad game plan to try to raise some autos and learn some lst techniques this year. Then, jump in early next year and have some feminized plants going next spring?

Plus I can try multiple rounds of autos, starting a couple new plants every couple of weeks. (Lots of learning to do) Side note - has anyone tried cutting the Fox Farms OF with your local landscaper’s organic potting soil? (Just thinking it might take the heat off a little?)

Thanks for all the help, patience and advice I’ve recieved on this board. I’m sure many of my questions have been dealt with many times before and I’ve read tons of material in an attempt to not waste folks’ time - there are just so many variables in everyone’s situation.

Thanks from a newbie


If you want to try LST, then you’re better off learning on a photo fem plant rather than an auto, which don’t really like being fooled with. I mean, you can, but they won’t be happy about it. Autos aren’t really easier than photos, in fact, photos are much more forgiving.

On the Foxfarm OF soil, you can absolutely cut it with some local soil, just make sure you know what’s in it. You don’t want to cut your soul with something substandard. Personally, I cut FFOF with coco and it works fine.

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Good to know on the soil. ^

As far as the fem photos go, that totally makes sense to me and I’m on board. Any chance you think I can rush a few into production and still have time to harvest?

Another option might be - there are a few folks down here offering clones on c-list. I was hoping to avoid the whole ‘face to face thing’ with something that’s kind of on the margins here. Seeds in the mail is one thing. Picking up clones at some dude’s house is another. :slight_smile:

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Photos only take another month to harvest than autos. Why are you in such a rush anyway? Lol, there’s no rushing a grow, really they grow at their own pace. If you start a photo now, you can get a harvest in about three months. Of course, that’s only indoors. Outdoors is a whole other story, then you’d have to wait till Fall for harvest.

Clones from strangers? Personally, I wouldn’t do it, but that’s me. I buy live plants through the mail all the time. Maybe they can send it to you instead.

No rush really (although I realize that’s what it sounds like) and yep, I’m growing outdoors. I just thought that between (a) wanting to keep a low profile in regards to my neighbors and (b) I didn’t know (since located in the Pacific NW) if I should have started earlier than May if I wanted to grow outside.

Might give them a try and see what happens. Never gonna learn if I don’t screw it up a few times.

Oh, ok, I didn’t realize you were doing an outdoor grow. Now I understand why you want to do autos. I’m an indoor grower, so I just think that way.

Ok, so you want to try your hand at some training, but you probably don’t want to wait till October to harvest, and you think it’s too late to start. First, it’s not too late to start a photo grow now to harvest in the fall. You’ll have all summer to grow a huge plant. In fact, you should have a small tree by that time if all goes well.

Second, if you do an auto instead, you can harvest much earlier and the plant won’t get as big, which is good for the nosy neighbors. The only problem with the auto is the training which they don’t take to as well as photos. I think you should try to grow one of each and see how it goes. I apologize if I confused you, I should have read the whole thread.

Hey, no problem, I appreciate all the advice and help anyone is willing to offer. Thanks.


Hey all. Can anyone give me a little advice on when to put my autos outside? We’re starting to warm up here in Seattle, midweek temps will get up to 70s and lows in the 50s. I’ve got 5 autos growing at this point (three for about 2 weeks, two for under a week).

Because my inside grow light is pretty weak and I’ve always been counting on the sun for my primary energy source, I’d really like to get these babies outside as soon as safely possible.

I’ve been rotating them into the sunlight as best I can while they’re inside but just wondering if others have had good / bad experiences with putting them out too soon or late?

Thanks for any suggestions.

P.S. Per others suggestions, my fems from Robert are on the way. Looking forward to stepping up my game when they do. ^

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