Newbie - autoflower mixpack indoors in soil


I’m new to growing marijuana, but I do have some experience growing other things. In my grow tent I have other herbs, including cilantro, marjoram, rosemary and a lemon tree!

I’m just growing three marijuana plants :slight_smile: one of each in the autoflower mixpack: Amnesia Haze, Blueberry and Northern Lights. I started them on 11/12 and they all came up within a couple of days. Now they are 4.5 weeks.

Here they are on the 18th - 6 days after sowing

I think they got a little leggy because I didn’t have the lights close enough, but I have since fixed that problem.

Growth seemed a bit slow, so I started feedingfish emulsion on about 12/7. It provides NPK 5-1-1. I’m wondering if I need more potassium since I just read the email about feeding, and it says to start with something highest in potassium. All I know for sure is that the fish emulsion stinks!

They have but on some good growth in the past week, but still just now starting to branch. I added an additional light today. I’m using LED grow panels. One is described as 45W full spectrum and the new one is 120W Red Blue.

Here they are today

So far I just wonder whether they have the expected amount of growth for four week seedlings.


This is my setup. I currently don’t have the fan or filter in use. I started seeds in dixie cups with drainage holes.

my 120 watt light:

my 45 watt light:

my fish emulsion:

my growing medium:

my tent:

my fan (turned out to be the wrong size for my filter:

my fan controller:

my filter:

my light timer:

grow bags for potting up:


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Hey there @Growin

Things are looking good in your grow op. One thing you might wanna consider taking a look at is your soil. I don’t know what your using but your soil is filled with either bark chips or some kinda bark like topping similar to mulch maybe???
Idk, point being if all that bark is subsurface and not just a topping, seedling roots will not grow through it and will have to grow around it. If there is allot of it subsurface, then your roots will always have to grow in a direction contrary to where they wanna grow. This will in turn take away from your space in the cup for roots to grow and rob energy from the part of the plant above ground that it needs to grow big and strong. :ok_hand:

Don’t be discouraged though, when its time to transplant, simply transplant them into a different soil with less bark and your good to go :slightly_smiling_face:


Also, i notice your lights are low wattage LEDs but you have them like 1" from the plants. I don’t know if a 45 watt LED is ok that close or not.

I wouldn’t think a 120 watt light would be ok that close if its a true 120.

Once again, this guy could help on those lights. @dbrn32


@TDubWilly is probably on to something. It’s ok to run weak lights really close, but not usually until they’re well established plants.

It’s hard to tell the condition of the plants from those pictures as well. How do you feel they look? Perhaps some pictures in natural light would give us a better idea. Until then, you may want to raise the light to like a foot above plants and see how they respond. If they start to stretch, than lower some. Otherwise I think a little room will help them.


Welcome and good luck! I’m new to the website myself but like you I’ve been growing for a few years. You’ll find this to be the best forum on the whole entire world wide web. I consider myself a noobie. I just started growing “seriously” as I like to think ,about a year. So much to learn but it’s so much fun and so fascinating. Not to mention the rewards at the end of your hard work. Anyway wanted to say hello and welcome


Thanks for the help! I completely didn’t think about whether links were allowed. sorry about that.


Welcome. One hint that really helps autos live to their potential is planting them right into there forever homes. They grow too fast and have to short of a predetermined life span so transplanting and starting in solo cups stunts them. That is the preferred by most method for photo period plants though. Good luck. Im growing autos feel free to tag me if u have questions


No worries. you can search on Amazon for all that stuff and post those links, np.



Is your growth normal for their age yes and no being auto flowering you typically want to force faster growth but with Reg Fem not as rushed. Everyone has pointed out the low wattage lighting but I did note you are in solo cups auto’s are typically only potted once


@TDubWilly thanks! I hadn’t considered this at all!


@Donaldj oh, interesting… should I have potted them in gallon pots?


thanks! that’s good to know for next time.


@Familyman420 How long do these have before they flower? and how long does the flowering stage take before the buds are mature?


thanks @neckNflu


6 weeks old!


Looks nice!


I haven’t grown autos yet but am expecting the same mix pack you have to arrive very shortly after the posty gets back to work. I would be getting those babies into bigger final homes as my first, second and third priority. The amnesia haze I would bury up to those first leaves to stand her back up. My next priority would be to get a them some more watts. The transplants might knock them around a little and more so the haze because she’s a little more finicky but every day they stay in those cups will tax your yield. :wink:


Awesome progress I just read up on your journal. Your getting great help from a lot of great people on the worlds best website for growing cannabis. Your in good hands :pray:

I see your little lady Amnesia is looking a bit confused, maybe a larger pot and bury her down to the next set of leaves and before you do that wet the stem with mycrohazze mixed and ph’ed to 6.5, or rooting hormone before you submerge her. That would promote roots and the stem would “straighten” out :+1: your looking at a great start so far! Good luck and happy growing!