Newbie - appreciate advice on how close these are

Hi - I’m getting to the end of my first grow and so far I think its gone ok. Here’s a pic of my setup. Nothing fancy but I’m learning! I’m getting mixed messages about how ready these buds are. When I look at the plants like this, there are still lots of white pistils, but when I look at the trichromes under a microscope I’m starting to see a few amber ones. I’ll post a few pics of some buds up close, I’d love your opinion! (you’ll see a lot of brown or unhappy leaves, some of it is because I’ve got nutrients on the leaves themselves which dried out and is now like dirt on the leaves, but 'm sure I’ve got some nutrient burn there too, another factor on the colouring is just the weird mix of colours I’ve got with the purple lights and the blue background etc). But there must be some THC in there because last night I jumped the gun, dried a bit out and smoked it and it blew my head off!

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It’d also be great if anyone had any advice about how to thicken these babies up!!! (I’ve been giving them a little bit of liquid potash ever second water)

Light is really the key to fat sugar coated buds. All the nutes in the world is no substitute for sufficient light. Would be like taking steroids but not working out too then wondering why you are not bulking up. Not just any light but the right combo of spectrum. As close to sunlight as technologically possible if the real thing is not an option.

The trichs on the sugar leaves will turn earlier than the ones on the bud material. She should keep throwing out white pistils which will fatten up the buds. They do look close but as you said the lighting is odd.

This is awesome - thank you! I threw a bit more light out there. Let’s see how we go!

Another week in - what do you think?

Pic one I’d give some time. Pic 2 is looking tasty. If they are two different plants I’d chop pic 2. If they are the same plant then it’s up to you. Can go ahead and take. But she will get fatter. Can give her another week if you want. I like to try different stages. This looked like lots of pistils fresh when harvested. But was just new growing over old. Got two still going. Just for an idea. The bud will just lose speed and gain couch lock as you let it go longer.