Newbie and need help! What am I doing wrong?

I soaked some seeds 4 days ago until I saw the sprout. I planted them in jiffy pots, using Fox Farm Ocean Forest Potting Soil. I was unsure how much water to add, so I used a spray bottle to moisten top. I added more water until it came out of bottom on later watering. I have a 2x4 grow tent, 600w led lamp, and fan and filter. First, how much water should I add? How close should the lamp be to the plants? Should I keep the rotating fan on? I have the filter and fan ducting out of an open dryer vent opening. (No dryer). I also yesterday fed the plants with Big Bloom. I have the dirty dozen. I have the lights on 18/6. I’ll include pictures. What am I doing wrong guys?

How old is that plant ? Im thinking u gave her big bloom a lil to early .

Water is your enemy at this point.
The soil should just be a little damp.
And dont water …
You can take a clear solo cup or a bottom half of a water bottle and cover the seedling until it sprouts and for a few days.
Avoid watering. Cant say this enough. More of us kill seedlings with love and water than we should.
Start lights at 24 to 30 inches

Thanks for the reply. I planted about 4 days ago. I went by the feeding schedule. How are my lights, should it be closer, with no rotating fan. Is the temp from the pics too high/low?

23 to 26 c is a good temp for germinating
or 75 to 80 degrees F

Should I just use a spray bottle to moisten top part? Can I use a sandwich bag to cover the plant until it sprouts? How often should I spray?

No more water…That soil is waaaaay too wet
If you start more seeds try to use a seed starting mix…Ocean Forest is a bit to hot for some seedlings.
After it sprouts you can mist the cover/dome but not the plant or soil.

Thank you so much. Should I keep the rotating fan on?

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try to get that soil to dry out.

Cool! Did I set the ductwork up right?

looks good to me

And btw, welcome to the forum. Lots of helpful people here.

Thank you all for the fast replies. By any chance do you think the plants can be saved if I let them dry a bit?

If they are to be saved thats what needs to happen

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I would set that chart aside for the next month and a half. Ocean Forest has plenty of nutrients in it to feed the plant for that time.


Hi guys. I have a couple of more questions. Firstly, I followed your advice and let the plants dry, and putting clear solo cup face down on plant. I only spray a few sprays using the spray bottle. They all have budded, even the one I planted yesterday, with the exception of 1 that I planted about 5 days ago. My question for today is since the humidity is so low, should I add a humidifier to the tent? I also have an oscillating heater the size of the oscillating fan that is in the picture. I’m thinking since I’m in the Windy City and have the tent in the basement, is it a good idea to include the heater when the grow lights are not turned on?

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