Newbie after some advice on outdoor grow


Hey all, after some advice about transfering seedlings outdoors it seems a lot of you start under lights than transplanting outside.

I plan to grow amnesia haze, blueberry & northern lights all autos so i was planning on starting on window sill than maybe greenhouse than outside. Will be using a super soil. Any advise would be apreciated. Oh by the way Aussie outdoor grow. :metal::metal::metal:


buy ph and ppm moniters


I ph my water to 6.5 for outdoor grows. also, if your using city water, you may wanna get a dechlorinator to get rid of the chlorine. or use RO water if you have access. you dont really need a ppm meter if your using super soil, you would if you were using nutrients. but I would definitely invest in a ph meter.


Cheers appreciate tips :+1:


Will i still get a solid plant not starting it under a lights?


You will as long you take good care of the seedlings. Id suggest putting them in a shaded area until they strong enough. you want them to get a little direct sunlight but not all day. some people use greenhouses and put shade netting over it for seedlings. also, i wouldnt put the seedlings directly into the super soil, could be to strong for them. id use fox forrest happy frog to start the seedlings. you plan on using pots or in ground?


Gunna experiment some im fabric pots, couple in the ground and some in 20lt buckets, have a little green house i was thinking starting on window sill in solo cups than green house then outside. Im in Australia so dont have fox forest & happy frog but we have similar:+1:


I use well water and monitor my ph levels
My water does drift a little over 7 depending on time of year and amount of rain
But normally stays in the 6.4-6.7 range so i will water right from my hose outdoors
I have 360 ppm in my well water also and my plants love it
You using city or well water @Budslayer
Most of is start indoors to get a jump on the season
Ill start my beans 4-6 weeks before its warm enough to put them out and that give you a head start and larger plants at the end of the grow
10 foot plants are common when starting indoor first
Happy growing


I have a rainwater tank not that big so when ut gets low town water kicks in, was gunna just fill some buckets and let em sit when u know its low, or mayb get some of that declorinater stuff. 10ft autos? Or reg? When u say start inside would that be under light was thinking of t5o. But not sure


Not autos sorry buddy they will be six foot or taller tho


t5 fluorescent would do the job just fine @Budslayer. Im not sure what the recommended wattage is for t5 but Im currently using a couple of 6500k tornado cfl bulbs for my jumpstart. they recommend 5000k-6500k if using cfls. 6500k being the better option.


@Countryboyjvd1971is right. not for autos. photo only strains.


Cheer yeah was gunna try without lights but the more research i do think start autos under lights is the go:+1: