Newbie advice - ready to harvest? Too late?

Hello…second post from a newbie here.

Back in July (so long ago!) I posted my first question, with my poor plant that was taking a long time to do anything (see this thread First timer help - tall plant with few leaves)

Well its nearly a whole 6 months later! After it started warming up in the Southern Hemisphere I moved the plant outside and I think its now ready to harvest, maybe overdue with too much brown on the pistils!. The buds seem smaller than I was expecting, so I kept expecting them to grow a bit. However most of the buds have mostly brown pistils (some are fully brown, some are mostly white). I think that means I should harvest now??

Problem is I’m going away for Christmas in two days time and I’ll be gone for 2 weeks!! Is it ok to leave them drying in a dark room for 2 weeks (weather will be mid 20s-high 30s celsius), or should I wait until I get back and risk it being too long?? Is there a danger they will overdry too much in that time???

Also, is it usual for plants to take this long to grow, or is it because I didnt have strong enough lights or fertilisers initially? I’ve got a couple of pictures of closeups of the bud, and of the whole plant. You can see its still quite “stretched”. I did top it once but I think the damage was done before that.

I tried to germinate 2 seeds since but they both died :frowning: I do not have a green thumb!!!

Ok, there’s a few things I wanna point out, so you know for next time.

First off, congratulations on your first grow. Always think of it as a learning experience. :slight_smile:

Ok, you already knew your lighting was lacking, and that’s the main reason for your yield size, and proper nutrition but honestly, it looks like you’ve done very well for what light you had.

In the pictures, it looks as if you’ve removed fan leaves. This too would limit yield size.

After re-reading, or skimming your original post to refresh myself, I couldn’t find if you’re growing an auto seed or photo sensitive seeds.

If they’re photo sensitive seeds, and you moved them outside, you’ve thrown her hormones all out of whack. She’s probably revertin back to the vegetative cycle as the days grow longer; hence the extra long life cycle.

For me personally, I think she needs to remain in 12-12 longer, but this is a personal preference. Harvesting time is based on personal taste. You really need to get yourself a $10 scope from Amazon and check out the trichomes amber colour.

Typically, 7-11 days to dry is ideal, but with a smaller plant and buds, often it take less time, especially in dry environments.

I honestly think 2 weeks will be too long to dry her, even if you leave every leaf on to slow the drying process down.

It’s hard to say exactly the right move here. I think I’d harvest her at the last moment before you leave, leaving all the vegetation right on her. Then if possible, come home as soon as you can.

Hopefully this helps, and good luck :slight_smile:


Thanks Dumme! I will definitely be more attentive to light next time! I was hoping to grow another plant more in line with Australia’s spring/summer but sadly 2 of the seeds I tried either didnt germinate or died very quickly after sprouting :frowning:

Anyhoo onto this plant yes it had a rocky start and them somewhat recovered, never grew any more leaves other than off the main internodes. I am going to wait till tonight before I leave and basically cut the middle trunk close to the ground and hand it upside down in my bedroom while I’m away (one benefit of being away is that I won’t be distracted by the smell). I’ll just have to see what happens when I get back. Can’t come back any earlier flights to Bali booked already!

Hope everyone has a great Christmas!


@yublocka just remember bali law’s, we don’t need anymore Aussies in jail over there , enjoy your holiday

Thanks!!! Not boogie boards packed don’t worry!!!

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