Newbie 4 mon, 1st run photo, today's run auto

What up everyone, new to the game and head over heals enjoying. My first run 4 month’s ago was Garlic Cookies clone from a 33% and Poochie Love clone from a 31%. Enjoyed ever minute of it except when I finally realized I had Spider mites during mid flower (got rid of them with Lady Bugs). 2 Plants each and after having to trash a portion of my crop, came out with a little over half lb. of Garlic, and about a lb. of Poochie, lesson learned on MITES. Reviews on the taste, smoothness and after affects are off the charts. BAW, what is going on here, Gelato auto 7 weeks from seed??? Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!!!


Nute burn.


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I agree with nute burn. What are your runoff and feed PPMs?


Thanks for the responses. I have not done a runoff with my Autos due to the fact that the other 3 are doing well. 1 other Gelato, Wedding Cake, and Zkittles. Usually water 2-3 days. Growing in Coir with 4-4-4 and 2-8-4 respectfully. Didn’t have my original potting mix with the proper nuets so possibly in amending pushed a little to hard. Since deficient, amending was RO with cal-mag, 2-8-4, Power Bloom, Great White Mycorrihizae when I realized my soil mix wasn’t correct and I noticed slower growth than the others.


With all of that the only thing that I needed to do was water, all nutes were supposed to be in the mix. So at this point do I flush or just regular water w/o nutes???

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They look good but you do have abit of nutrient burn

The dark green color indicates excessive nitrogen. Water with plain water for a week then resume your nutes at half strength. Autos for whatever reason do not like excessive nitrogen.

If they that far into flower you should stop give the 444 at this point you maybe able to not feed again throughout the rest of your grow if your using organic dry amendments if thats what your using then yeah the push was hard and will be in your soil for the next 3wks

Thanks for all of the advice, it is greatly appreciated. :fist:t5: