Newbie 1st grow going south quickly

Hi! I’m a first time grower- growing the gold seal 1:1 through the pot for pot. My gal Jan is taking a turn-
I’m growing with a 600W LED light
What’s happening? Thank you for your help! .


That type of droop is usually related to over-watering. Those leaf spots could be from water drops from when you water maybe, do you ever spray the plant?

Are those 5 gallon fabric pots? What has been your watering schedule (how much, how often). Are you letting the soil dry out before watering?


Thank you so much for responding! Yes, 5 gallon pot, watering every 3-4 days- I did spray/mist a few weeks ago but stopped-also I’ve started bringing the plant out of the tent to water and had left it in the natural sunlight to dry before putting it back (the week before last) in the tent as I did read about the burn risk. It is humid in the tent like 80%
Is there a way out? I felt if anything it was from under watering but I’m sure I don’t truly understand the whole humidity situation yet. Also I see some roots growing through the fabric- could that have something to do with it?
Thank you again!

Plant could be root bound. If you can see roots poking through the fabric of the smart pot, it is probably time to transplant into a bigger pot. I usually go directly from 5gal to 40gal, but I grow outside, so you might not want to make that big of a jump growing in a tent.

To get the biggest healthiest plant, you want to avoid stressing it out. I wouldn’t move the plant in and out. If you can have it outside, I would just leave it outside because LED’s just can’t compete with real sunlight. (I have used LED, CMH, old school halides, T5’s, etc…but NONE of those ever produced the quality and size of real sunlight.) If you have to keep it indoors, then I would just keep it indoors.

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How much water do you give it when you water? Over-watering and under-watering can both cause the same droopy look. Usually when under-watered, the plant will perk up when watered. I would try to control the humidity, either with an exhaust fan and maybe even a dehumidifier if you are in a really humid place.


Additional thoughts:

  1. RH level of 80% can cause a host of problems, from mold and mildew to higher sensitivity to heat. If it were me, I would try to lower that to 50% - 65% range.

  2. Are you using a silica product? Silica will strengthen the cell walls of your leaves, making the plant tougher and more forgiving when you make a mistake. I recommend Cyco brand silica. Cyco is medical grade stuff. Thoroughly mix silica into your water first, then your other nutrients can be added in.


Hi! So I’ve been giving it a good watering every 3-5 days- yes 5 gallon fabric pots- I’ve made a few adjustments- I can’t pick up any additional equipment this month- so I’m hacking. I’ve opened the vents on the bottom so sir can flow more easily- the humidity is now down to 64% - I’ll get a dehumidifier as soon as I can- there was a lot of condensation on the inside of the tent- will the spots kill the plant? Should I remove the droopy leaves? The bottom feels really dry. I was also afraid of overwatering so now maybe I e gone the other way. Super glad I started with a learning plant. How long should I try something before changing it up! What’s the bounce back tine? Thank you so much

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Hi! Thank you for the feedback- I can’t get any additional equipment this month.but did open the small screen vents at the bottom of the tent- it’s helping- is the silicica thing you mentioned organic? Sounds like an important add- humidity as of today is 65% I did have to wipe a lot of condensation from the inside of the tent.

Thank you so much for input! I wasn’t super clear about what outside meant- lol I meant outside the tent in front of a window- I’m north east and on the 25th floor in a high rise so outdoors isn’t an option especially right now in Chicago! Here is a pic of the root situation thanks again

You really need to take care of the tent ventilation situation, no exhaust is causing those condensation problems and will continue to give you more problems with high RH in late flowering leading to bud rot, mold, powdery mildew, etc…

On the watering, just make sure the soil is dry (stick a finger all they down into the soil to check) then water it fully til you see some runoff, that way you know you watered enough. I’d remove any affected leaves, my policy is to remove any leaf that is dead, dying, or diseased. I’d ditch the big floppy leaves at the bottom as it will also give you more airflow around the soil area. Wouldn’t worry about the roots, that’s what happens in fabric pots, the root goes thru and gets air pruned as designed.

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Ok, great info- when you say ventilation- should. Get duct work like the hose type? I’ve got this going on now… 4 inch inline fan with a carbon filter- what would be my propriety next step? Thank you again

Since I’ve adjusted the vents at the bottom and moved the second fan it’s now temp 73.7 and humidity 61% would the ventilation situation bring smell out into the room? Just trying to plan my next move

Also, I know kinda dumb question- but I cut the entire stem of the leaf at the base- yeah?


Yeah you need some ducting, looks like that fan doesn’t lead to anywhere, just blowing the air around inside the tent rather than removing it from your tent.

Next step is get some 4" ducting :

and hook it up to the other side of that inline fan, then run it thru an access hole in your tent and run it away from your tent so it blows the warm humid air out of your tent to somewhere else, hopefully far enough away so it does not suck it back in immediately. Out a window would be great if possible. The point of that carbon filter you have is to remove the smell from the air you are exhausting, so it should do that.

And yes, cut leaves off near the base.

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Hi! Thank you! So here are my obstacles to overcome:
Small unit with two access points to outside air- 1 being floor to ceiling balcony doors in living space that lead to a balcony with tons of wind and inadequate sunlight and nosey neighbors. 2 a window in the bedroom about a foot from where I sleep and it’s winter still (so not a lot of space)
I also realize that I didn’t mention in my original post that she is an auto flower- I have been running lighting 24/7 because I accidentally began that way and was Afraid to change it so now I realize that there was no benefit to all of that and I also realized that today is day 56 and she is looking close to maybe having the light change and the bloom switch turned on- so…
should I cut the leaves and run the ducting as far as possible switch and hope for the best?
Or since she is auto then the light leaks might not matter so much at the bottom where I’ve opened the screen vents to allow better circulation- since I made that change there is no condensation and temps have been in the 70’s with RH right around 65 and currently at 3:24 am 69 with rh at 60% could this change work out?

Run the duct out the top of tent , open bottom flap to let freash air in, what are Temps and humidity in your living space

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I have an extra temp rh that I’ll use outside- l in the living space to check we don’t have heat on in the unit because it’s warm enough without having it on- we are in fl 25 of 45 floors.
Will get the duct work in order and switch to bloom after? Thanks so much!

I would run bloom and veg if you’re in flower, a peice of 4 inch flexible dryer vent will work

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Will do! What a great learning experience- there is so much information out there on the web- I took bits and pieces from all of it but clearly it was fragmented! You guys helped me through the info overload and my next grow will be right on target.