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Good afternoon, I have done a lot of reading on this forum, read “the bible,” and it was very usefull. I am on a limited budget and I live in SWFL, therefore I began my grow with some bag seed I had gotten. I placed 7 seeds in Jiffy Pellets, three sprouted. I left them outside for a about a week and a half, then on Thanksgiving they came in. Took a wardrobe closet, lined it with thick plastic sheeting, then covered that with thick reflective Mylar I got from Lowes. I bought some CFL lights, a hydrometer, but they didn’t have any fans (getting that today). But I am wanting some guidance on ventilation for this size room, it is 20 inches by 20 inches by 46 inches tall. And to look at my babies and tell me if what nutrients I need to get.

I bought “Just Natural” potting soil from Lowes, here are some pics …

<img src="/upload"s/growingmarijuana/original/2X/b/b293ee6cf7151fd1340fc2f5899d858270304519.jpg" width=“281” height=“500”>

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A couple pics didn’t show up right …

I have transplanted them today and added two small fans, there is a small hole in the top back that faces an open window that faces my fenced in back yard. Pics to follow. The rh went up to 58, and temp down to 78.

UPDATE … 11-27-15 @ 10:09 pm …

Thank you in advance, I am looking into other lighting options, they have to be cheap. I bought these at Lowes, my hubby works there so returns won’t be an issue. Thank you!


I’m sorry no one has answered your question. I’m mostly commenting to give it a “bump” up. I don’t have time to go through it and read it right now. It seems very scattered, try filling out a support ticket so Latewood or I can maybe have a quick look at the parameters in your grow at a glance, we have to read so much stuff daily, it all becomes a blur when it isn’t in one easy to reference short list.

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If grow room is 2 by 2 you will need (LxW=x40) 2x2=4x40= 160 watts needed for you space) for cfl “lumens” 2 x 2=4x2,000- 8,000 lumens needed (lxw=x2,000) We are saying 40 wtts per square foot of coverage and/or 2,000 lumens per square foot (some now are saying 3,000) maybe use as a good rule of thumb proper lighting is inportant


Thank you for the replies. Sorry for not responding sooner, came down with shingles and ended up allergic to antivirals. Anyway, I think the girls are doing a lot better. I took some new pictures, I just transplanted them into their final pots. They sprouted on November 17. I plan on getting different lighting and going to be getting the Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro and Bloom.

I hope that they look good, I am trying to understand all the language and numbers and such. These are just bag seeds, if they do well I plan on buying seeds, just didn’t want to screw up on something I spent money on. Thanks a bunch for the look see.


It’s a wise call to learn from bag seed will give you some good lessons and you are right less risk to your pocket as well and all things purchased for the good health of this grow will be investments for future.


I know that you have to do some pruning, when should I begin dong that? Does the big one need pruning yet. Also what happens if one plants ready to go into flower but the other two aren’t?


Would still be a little early yet to worry about pruning but you can look at topping/pinching or fiming once they are 5 nodes sets of true leafs. Honestly they aren’t ready to top quite yet if you start to cut or reduce your plants active energy production to early it will slow it’s growth down considerably which is why I say 5 nodes. We actually have sections on pruning and topping in guides, I prune only what is dead or impeding growth and usually little else until week before flowering I top when at 5 healthy nodes to split my top then split tops again after both new tops have several new nodes any branches that form I train to try and keep top fairly even like lolipop if a plant gets way ahead of it’s siblings I cut off the top and start it as a clone giving it’s siblings a chance to catch up while preserving it’s genetics. If they are reg seeds I may throw the unrooted clone top right into 12/12 to force flower and sex the plant early. Hope some of this rambling helps :slight_smile:


Don’t know if anyone mentioned your exhaust fan. You could get away with a 4" inline booster fan. Located in the area with all the flex duct, etc…


Well right now I am working literally on a shoestring budget, can’t even afford Christmas at this point. Hoping and praying for some money to be coming in soon. With what I am working with I hope they are looking good, will be getting the foliage pro Wednesday it was like $8 on amazon. Going to be taking more pictures later the girls did very well with the transplant.


New pictures as promised, took this evening.

The front girl seems to be growing circles around the back two. If I rotate their locations, do you think may help, they get fed and watered the same amount at the same time. Other than that how do they look?


Looking healthy I like to rotate plants often in veg shuffle them around room so they get light from different spots. I use a light mover so mostly I rotate them but yes shifting their spots everyday will even out any light advantage any one plant was getting growing from seed you have to expect some variation in plants and their sizes nothing to worry about.