Newbe question about neuts schedule

Its not mandatory but another helpful tool in a growers arsenal.

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Put the girls to bed for the night. Will take some new picts in the morning and post. Have learned to pay more attention as they do let you know if happy or not just have to interpid correctly. Never ending learning process it seems.

Definitely. The more grows u have the easier. Ive only had the one real harvest but 3 grows over the last year. This site is the major beneficial change. Learned to listen to the girls and interpret accordingly. In 3 months ull be paying it forward with confidence

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Ya. What you said. Only 2nd attempt. 1st did not finish well, but I had so many things wrong. M GROW soil, 3gal pots, crap lights,no ph, no neuts. Really f’ed up but we only learn from mistakes and reading about them here! Did learn a lot though. Fixed all the issues above and feel more positive this time but still need to finish with something smokeable this time. If I do I will try a scrog. These 2 plants are just about filling the 2x4 tent front to rear and left to right, but I did experiment with LST this time. Only broke 2 stems! Fixed with tape and all was good.

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Here are a few picts this morn.

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Nice looking plants @Audiofreak, you will have a nice harvest…just don’t get in a hurry and rush things at the end.

That’s why I’m here! Last attempt looked good up to the last 2 weeks and just withered and nothing but wispy buds with no buzz. As above I had so many things wrong can’t attributes issues to any one of those problems maybe all of them combined but hopefully corrected this grow I’m just on the edge waiting to get to the end but I’m not going to be a hurry.

Definitely looking much better this go round. Gone be a couple ozs at least. And nothing like that clean crisp self grown buzz

I’m hoping.