Newb soil questions

Hi all! Looking for advice on mixing soils. What would be the benefits of mixing or layering purple cow ( indicanja ) with something like coco loco, with or without dry amendments? Would it remain a water only soil ? Would adding recharge and or fishsh!t be all that was needed ? Would feeding soluble seaweed be advisable and or something like roots organics trinity?

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there’s a topic similar on here somewhere… called something like (somebody’s)Nikkis coco autopot expirement… I remember something like that, mixed loco coco with soil. Probably good help there and from others here. I tried for a couple minutes to find it again but it’s hiding on me now…

Thank you I will try to find

no problemo :v:

Where by chance would I begin a search?

The search lens, up by the login buttons, I just found it again, typed in Nickys Autopot

Sweet many thanks

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sorry it’s a little different than I imagined I remembered

Still great reading !

I found something over under grow support “ mixing super/living soil with coco loco

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Than you @Jaysittinback that helps to clear things up a bit

There’s not a soil out there that will water feed only to harvest. Choose a good amended soil, Jacks 321 and skip the soil mixtures and layering. Nutrients would be needed around weeks 4-6 with FF mediums :love_you_gesture:

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OG what are your thoughts on something like purple cows indicanja?

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The ingredients look pretty good, the peat moss and perlite are a plus with drainage. Are you planning on an all organic grow or salt based fertilizer? This will determine your feeding requirements, PH and PPM testing :love_you_gesture:

Thanks for the advice I will look into jacks for next grow. Right now I have 4 clones in c.o.m ( stonington) and one in purple cow ( indicanja) . The one in the p.cow was an extra that seemed to have root problems, I took her out of the tent and set her on the porch, like a bad girl in time out, the wife in her infinite wisdom walks by feeling sorry for it drowns it in tap water and hey e few days later it’s the best looking girl out of the bunch (WTH) the stonington I have had issues with , newb mistakes on my way to mastering in generalism and minimalism.

Pushing for all organics. Still don’t know what I’m doing per say ! I have coast of Maine dry amendments, blue planets soluble seaweed, roots organics trinity, some fishsh!t and recharge.

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The COM is an excellent soil medium! I’m running 6 clones in right now. Normally I’m a coco dude and if I can persuade you to give it a try on your next grow you’ll never look back. The COM dry amendments should work for you just research the frequency of top dressing :love_you_gesture:

OG is it the COM stonington you refer too?

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Yes the Stonington Blend :love_you_gesture: