Newb question about training / trimming

Boy, do I feel stupid all of a sudden. I’ve tried to train my autos like the pic below

I’ve got about 10-12 level bud sites each plant with lower fan leaves trimmed off. These sites obviously keep branching but I’m hesitant to cut the side branches off. I am supposed to trim those too, right? Seems like my plant can only support so many buds and these would just become larfy popcorn if I understand how the flowers form. See pics marked red.

White Widow autos in 3 gal coco
About 4 1/2 weeks under LED
Just starting to get flower


if it was me i would not cut anything yet, wait till it grows out and then take off the little buds that are starting underneath, i think what you want to cut now would make some nice bud

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Welcome @FoxFire!
I would agree with @Deal for now. Once you determine where the buds are developing you could either tuck or trim some of the leaves that are blocking light from other buds. That way they turn into good denser buds, not larfy ones. As far as your plant not being able to support all the buds, you can always put in some support with stakes or a net. This group is great. If you want a good read on a lot of great info, go to Hellraiser’s thread on growing gorilla glue and other things. He knows how to grow very well. Peace and good luck…

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Welcome to ILGM forum. I’m going to link a journal to @Arrow
I believe you can get a lot of info for what you’re doing.


Is the example you are trying to duplicate an auto? If it is I am impressed. I have only seen that type of training done on photos.

Welcome to the community!

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Welcome @FoxFire, am I reading this right…that’s an auto you trained?.. :sunglasses::v:

@FoxFire have you grown autos before , you only want to do lst at this point, anything more will slow them down and you only have a limited time in veggy. photos you can leave in veggy as long as you want so if they get stressed you have time to let them recuperate

Thank you so much for pointing me there. That was quite an eye opener.

The first pic - I wish but NO. I did not grow that. That’s what I would like to be able to grow.

I’m on my first grow right now but that low grow style is something I would like to be able to do. (I have plenty of space right now but may not for long.) So of course my eyes popped on your “Labor of Love” journal. I’ll be giving that a second look shortly.

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I really appreciate everyone’s input.

OK - I’ll keep up LST but stay away from scissors and other sharp objects for the time being. I think my aspirations may have outpaced my knowledge. This is my first grow and I’ll be better prepared once I have actually been through the flowering process.

@FoxFire; welcome to the community.

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