Newb Ontario Outdoor grow

A leaf came to my attention during this afternoon’s grooming.

It’s plant #1, on the trunk at the 3rd node, so one of the very original leaves. It’s just one older leaf and interior so did it just die of age or am I facing something.

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Yep age :+1:t2:…light depletion and the plant sucking all nutrients from it to make better leaves up top…yer good…note how dark green it is still even as it’s wilting it’s still “healthy-ish”….good job

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@Unicron I agree with all if what @grizZz mentioned. Don’t sweat it. This is normal.

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Lol I legit was reading that as you deleted it :rofl:

LoL now I’m wondering

@Unicron @grizZz sorry I was posting to what I thought was my own thread, didnt realize it was this thread so deleted it. Posted now to my thread. Check it out. Looking for some insight into this issue I’m having.

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Cool, no worries, I saw the new post too late.

Bad day… Strong winds blew something over on plant #1. One of the tops was bent but still holding, and two branches were folded right over :frowning_face:

I’ve splinted and propped up where required, and a couple hours later nothing is wilting. So that’s good right?

I guess it could be worse, but feeling stupid about the situation. Hopefully things heal up.

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If they’re not wilting then yea you’re probably ok and will probably have even better producing bud sites on those particular ones :grin:

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You may of just done your first super cropping. Lol jk
Take a good look at the area that bent. If everythkng looks alright then you are in the clear. I have had branches snap halfqay off, taped them up, and they are fine.
Be aware of this area. If you notice anything on that tip browning or sying take a closer look.
As @grizZz said it may of created a super highway for nutes to flow.
If you aren’t breaking a branch every now and then you probably aren’t LSTing alot.
Happy growing…


@HippieRunner @grizZz @Packof3

On #1 it looks like things are doing well with the damaged limbs, some brown along the lines of where the skin split. All the limbs are still growing and supporting themselves, so i’m calling it lesson learned. Should they turn out to be better than the others, i’ll be sure to break all the limbs next time LOL :slight_smile: Appreciated for the info and moral support

#2 is doing what she’s always done, grow bigger and faster than her sister. Also interesting to note that she is expressing a lot more purple in her flowers than #1, which is looking AWESOME. As such, some bloom pics to share. So far #1 doesn’t really have color, mostly white pistils.


That’s so f@$&ing pretty


I love the colors already. Great work!

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That is amazing nice shot

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She’s a pretty lady. Can’t wait to see what the buds look like prior to chopping. Keep up the great work!

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Plants seem to be doing well, growing out those buds. Seems #1 doesn’t have any color in it’s pistils so again different from her supposed sister.

No complaints, no health issues. Quite high presently, spent most of the day setting 6x6 posts in hard clay/rock. F#uck I’m sore.

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@Unicron the ladies look awesome. Super happy for sure.
I hear you about the fence posts. That doesn’t sound like a whole lotta fun. I just finished a flooring job at home and I’m very sore as well. Not 25 anymore!

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@Packof3 The good news is that tending a couple of plants is basically no work at this stage lol so work strained muscles can recover.

Everything seems to be ticking over pretty normal, flowering continues. My newb is showing if I say that i’m amazed that flowering is happening at sooo many junctions throughout the plant. Going back to my previous question about what is a top, its clear just how much i’ve learned on that front. Buds everywhere. That said i’ve removed some from the interior or from places which will not get much light so I think its going well. Same for leaves which shadow large budding sites.

Here’s a couple of pics to keep things going, including an annoying fly who was photobombing me.

Lady #1

Lady #2

Continuing with my thoughts that despite coming from the same batch of seeds that #1 and #2 are likely not the same variety somehow. Dunno. Thoughts welcome.


My thoughts: that fly is taking a dump on that bud :rofl:


LoL who knows! He got the flick right after the photo :grin:

Not much I can do but I believe a peroxide wash is in order at harvest anyways.

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