Newb looking for scrog guidance

Iv read some articles about scrog and checked out pics but still have some questions. First I’m using a 2x2x4 tent with 600w viparsar full spectrum LED. Soil is miracle grow potting mix with nutes added. In 2 gallon cloth pots. 3 Bruce banner and 1 GSCX. All are autos and from ilgm. They all sprouted and planted on 5/19-5/20.
First question. What is recommended height for trellis net? Iv read 6in and 8in. Right now I’m currently at 8. When do I start tucking under the net? And do I tuck all toward the middle or say counter clockwise? I think I read that I need to start before flowering begins and since they are this old they should start soon I’m assuming. At what height or age do I trim the bottom that doesn’t reach the screen? Any tips and suggestions really appreciated.

Ps Iv don’t a lot of reading since they have been planted and will def do some equipment upgrading when I can. Thanks for the help


Unfortunately you don’t have an ideal setup for a scrog. You could scrog one plant in that space. I’d be flipping those plants to flower immediately or you’re going to run out of space. This is one plant in a 2.5x2.5 scrog net


Yeah like @BobbyDigital said, I’d flip now. 2x2 isn’t a lot of room at all for 4 plants. After flip they stretch a lot.

Thanks for the quick responses. So what do you think my options are?

Topping will help with the low head room. But they’ll need to be flipped pretty soon. It’s gonna be tight in there.

**Edit: wait are these auto flowers?

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I missed that in the original post these are autos. You’re kinda at the mercy of the plants now. They’re going to flower when they feel like it.

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My experience with autos says you’ll probably be a little tight in that tent. Autos do their own thing so you never can tell.

Force those tops below your netting. You’ll appreciate the difference in a few days time.

Happy growing…

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Just flipped mine to flower. Just about 80 percent full maybe a bit more. Photos, screw autos.

This is when I first installed my scrog about a week or 2 ago. This is it now as I just flipped to flower on Sunday. And as they stretch ill have just enough room to fit them all in and train as I go to get a level canopy.

They are already all back upright from yesterday and growing taller. When everything goes good and you don’t stunt your plants you have unbelievable growth


I pushed the tops down and will take a new pic in a few days to update


Looks good! But previously growing Bruce banner and GSC Extreme is can tell you now 2x2x4 isn’t nearly enough room. I have a 72 inch tall tent and im in flower pushing my height limits on these ladies

He said they’re autos so no flip, this person’s at their mercy


Yeah I caught that later on.

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Push the tops under screen and continue on.

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What strains of Auto you running? just wondering how tall are the?

Them mine

3 Bruce banner 1 GSCX. Yours are beautiful.

Welcome to the community. :+1::+1::+1:

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So this is my new set up. 2x4x5 tent. Plants are sad from a lot of moving around today and underwatered. Will update in a few days.

They will bounce back

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So this is currently how they look now.


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