Newb here, just looking for any advice

So this is your regular, run of the mill low budget grow with no experience haha. Thats how everyone started right…? :slight_smile: oh and almost forgot to mention, as far as strain, indica or sativa, ect i have no idea… These babies will be a nice surprise. I have 4 plants growing right now…

Already I know I have no where near enough light for my girls, but sadly, I’ve gotta wait a couple more weeks to order my new lighting… Again, a very tight budget . Currently, there are 5 23watt 6500k, 1600 lumens each, and 2 3700k for a broader spectrum of cfls… I broke one a week or so back haha oh and they are currently on an 18/6 lighting regimen.

These girls are being fed, using botanicares Cal-Mag, General Hydroponics Flora series, along with the new potting soil they were transplanted into when they went to the 3 gal. pots. I’ve never heard of it before but maybe you have, i selected it for the variety of natural fertilizers found within it. It’s called, Dr. Earth veg garden planting mix. I chose this for the kelp, bone, and feather meal found within it, as well as the mycorrhizae, which I found this had both ecto and endo. I also love that this soil holds about a 6.0-6.2 ph rather easily. Oh and I also mixed 1 bag of MG’s perlite, to 1 bag of the potting mix.

Kinda mentioned it before, the girls are in 3 gallon buckets, again cheap as possible grow… Found these “mop buckets,” for 2 $ a piece :slight_smile: drilled 15 or so holes in each to make sure that I had adequate drainage.

About three days or so, i finally took the plunge to try some lst techniques, and personally for me I was impressed with the results. Some my disagree and that’s perfect, because I’m looking for feedback here but the amount of new growth that I seen just in the first 24 hrs just flat out amazed me. Unfortunately I did not capture a before pic, but I did get an after… Posted below.

Well I basically covered everything I can think of right now, just seriously looking for some feedback on anything that may help me as I said before, this is my first grow and I am constantly learning new things everyday.

These next two pictures were taken yesterday… 03/02/2018

In this second picture, this is a top view of the results from my lst training as well. this is the first plant to show a white pistil popping out from the main stem and the new growth in between. Now I l know what the pollen sacs look like, when looking for a male plant, but I’m sure sure if the males show white pistils as well? Could use some insight on deciding sex still… As I mentioned above, these 4 plants were random seeds, so I’m trying to keep a close eye on them.

I also have several other pictures from earlier points in the grow if anyone is interested in seeing them as well just let me know! Thank you all for your time and help in advance! :slight_smile:


@Mbarnes1026 Welcome to the coolest most knowledgeable place you could ever be! This is the home of the nicest, honest people you’ll ever encounter! Their soul purpose is nothing more than to help you become successful at growing! There is not a question you can ask that cannot be answered!
Please start a grow journal and share your skills with us. Go to the beginner section and see grow journals and there you are! Come see mine ‘Come grow with me by hcg’. I am an outside type of grower! Glad you found us! Your gals are very nice! :woman_farmer::peace_symbol:


Would need a nice close up or two at the nodes but your ladies are looking super healthy
and males don’t produce pistils that doesn’t mean hermi don’t :wink:


@highcountrygal Have I not posted this in the grow journals section? I thought I was. That was my intention lol as I’m sure, I’ll have a million questions from now too I can enjoy my medicine.


Your girls look nice and healthy, but yes, you’re going to need some better lighting when they start to flower. Good job, and welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:


I will do my best to get a picture, however, yesterday when I spotted it, it was so small it was hard for my eye to see. I’ll try to get it on camera though. give me a few … And thank you very much!

I was also curious, in the last photo currently posted of the single plant, the new growth is light green, to an extent this is normal correct? But I’m not quite sure when to really call it nitrogen deficient either, and I’m not gonna step it up until I know for sure. I do my best to underfeed vs.over. So I’ve been continuing on just how it is, but if a more professional opinion is out there I’m welcome to it.

It looks like normal new growth color, which is usually a lighter color green. Keep an eye on it, but I wouldn’t worry yet.


I’m growing to fill a roughly 2 1\2 - 3 sq. Ft area. If you or anyone else has had some experience with this light, i would love their feedback… From everything I’ve read, it’s allowable to post links from Amazon only so here is the Amazon link.

@Mbarnes1026 Hey my grow last year is really good! I get lost on here checking all things out. lmao

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I’m not the lighting expert here, but that will certainly do the trick. Might even be a little overkill for your square footage. Let’s ask @dbrn32.


i am no expert, a noob like yourself, but i would get 2 450w vipars instead of 1 900w. it will give more options on how to setup your lighting.
welcome and happy growing

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Thank you for the tag, I’m gonna learn who knows what eventually lol. I just want a quality light and so I’ve heard, you should have 100 actually used watts, per square foot… And this from what I understood was the best quality light for the price. There are cheaper ones but they don’t work as well. Again, so ive heard. I’m taking a consensus now lol.

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I have considered this! anyone else wanna weigh in on this suggestion?

Apparently, i ran out of replies for 22 hours because I’m new, so I gotta edit my replies now lol.

@dbrn32 my grow area is 32x32" I a pretty sure. I’d have to measure it again but that’s about what it is. I would need more than the light kit u suggested for a space that size right?

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I don’t really think two of those lights would fit? We’re talking like roughly 18” x 24” space right? I think @raustin was right, probably a little larger than that space needs. If you’re looking to put a really good light in that spot and save a little cash from that light, I would look at one of these personally.


On the economy note - 5 gallon pots would be better. You can get 5 gallon buckets at Home Depot or Tractor Supply for 3 bucks. Looks like the lighting experts have you well in hand.

Not sure if I missed edit in your last post or what, but 32”x32” is more like a touch over 6 square feet. A single quantum board is a little small for that space sorry.

If you liked the qb, you could do two of the 288 boards. They don’t offer the 132 or 120 in kits, but if you wanted to buy parts yourself and assemble you could probably do four of either and save some cash.