Newb autoflower first grow

I have done tons of research and been cruzin around this sote for quite some time and have been reading Robs articles over the years and I finally pulled the trigger and I ordered the autoflower mix pack
I did subcools supersoil which is cookin now
Seeds on thier way and I am STOKED!!
I have a question about how late in the season it is.
I am germing soon but wondering id I am gonna have an issue with how late in the season it is
From the Grow schedule on ILGM says I am at least a month behind.
I waited because I am growin outside in Vegas
Thought I would be doin the girls a favor by waiting a bit.
Plannin on growin one of each
Amnesia Haze , Blueberry , and Northernlights.
This is my own personal medicine and I want to do this right.
Any direction would be awesomely appreciated.
Although I am a newb I am here to help in any way I can
I want to contribute and hopefully be a seasoned veteran like so many of you


Welcome to ILGM @Growit!
Welcome to the wonderful world of growing cannabis.
I am currently growing all 3 strains you mentioned (I also bought the mix pack). I am growing mine outdoors for the first time (I have grown indoors but trying my luck outdoors)

As far as you starting late would really depend on the type of weather you guys see out there. I would figure at least 3 months of growing time so as long as your temps stay in the correct range during your grow I would think you would be ok with an autoflower.
In my particular area (north east) it would be too late in the season to start them due to the lower temps we will soon be seeing.


First thing first, Welcome to I❤GM. New Englander here, growing some autos outside. Got 2 WWA’s going, just passed day 70 of germination. Around day 42 of flowering (still got a few weeks to go) I know if I started them out here now, I would be hitting the frost season. Being in Vegas I could assume your cold season comes along a bit later in the year.


Welcome @Growit! Lots of great folks to help you out on here! :+1: I’m currently growing a Northern Lights auto outdoors and she has about 2 weeks left. I’ve grown them inside and this is my first outdoor grow and they definitely love the natural sunlight


Thanks guys right on!! I figured I would be ok but it is always good to ask.
Yea it is still 106-110*f during the day and I rarely need a coat for our “winter” if you could call it that.
As soon as I get rollin I will post some pics!
Looking forward to seein everyones harvest results!!!
Sorry just really stoked!!


Welcome aboard, glad to have you here, and lots of helpful people here!

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Hi Growit, Welcome :sunglasses:

Welcome :slight_smile:️ fellow first time grower :wave:t2:
Love that you’re in Vegas :sunglasses: And that you get to grow outdoors :+1:t2: I can’t wait to see yr pics once you’re on the growing journey :green_heart:


Some progress pic

Decided on a green house for the ladies.



You should be good on timing especially in a green house. If it does get cold it would allow you to keep the heat a little better.

With autos you can grow them with any lighting time- although I would think anything less than 12 hours of daylight would not be optimum.

Oooo cool thanks for the tip

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Love the space, and so will your plants…

Thanks!! I hope so!!
I got all the panels installed just gotta figure out the door.
The directions are so detailed that they are vague
Sounds wierd but it was like blue prints to a nasa space station

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Or maybe the Durban poison I was burnin may have had something to do with it🤔