New2Growing Pics for Opinion Please

This is my first grow and on a limited budget for equipment. The pics are Blue Dream Autoflower planted 9/9. The first 4 weeks were spent outdoors using natural lighting (sun/moon) then due to weather had to move them inside. I use 1500w LED grow lights with a Veg and Bloom setting. Soil is a simple Vigaro Succulent Mix. I water daily as needed if the top soil is dry and bottom feed every other day or as needed, letting the soil dry between waterings. My pH is 6 (after water is added to soil). Temp in my “homemade” grow tent maintains around 70-75 degrees with a small fan on the bottom of the tent used to circulate air while each light has two vent fans as well. I do not have any type of exhaust setup at this time (mainly due to cost) but hope to add it by the next grow. Is not having exhaust hurting my grow? I’m super nervous about missing a critical stage for lighting change and watering changes and nutrient additions. If I could just get opinions on how my plants look and thoughts I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for any assurances or warnings.

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Welcome to the community. :+1::+1::+1:

You need to do a complete air exchange every three or four minutes FYI.

Never seen a 1,500 watt LED fixture: they don’t exist. I’m guessing they are more like 150 watts. In any event, less light than you are going to need to properly flower out plants.


What they said :point_up_2:t5:

Id also like to add, the outdoor schedule was closer to 12/12 then what u are giving them right now. They seem to be a tad confused. Especially that first one. Normally light hours dont matter with autos, but some show slight photo tendencies when light hours are changed. She looks to be revegging….

And a couple of ur plants show a slight calcium deficiency. Dont forget the calmag! Lol


From what I see, you would be a little crowded with just 2 of those plants in there. Multiple levels are going to be problematic. I think you would do better with larger footprint/shorter and put your lights side by side.
Oh, and welcome to the family!

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Welcome! Looks things are going ok. Like @HMGRWN said above I can’t help but think having the plants all at 1 level and the lights side by side would be a better approach

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Welcome to the community. You came to the right place for help. Happy Growing :v::blush:

I did 2 20 gal 1 10 and a bunch of 3 gal this round. I promise the different levels are a pain. I am fortunate to have a bunch of 100 watt qboards or would not fly.


Nice plants buddy but a bit of friendly advice I would personally get rid of those light you have and switch to sunlike lights I did a grow with similar light and it was a dissapointment to say the least… But if you decide to keep light I wish u luck my friend

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