New Zealand customs

Has anybody out there heard of seeds actually getting through New Zealand customs? I’ve heard nothing but warnings and scary stories from people who know someone who was caught importing seeds. Anyone know better?

No idea. But when ordering seeds i go by 2 major rules. (3 if from ilgm)

  1. Wash ur money. I use bitcoins n wash it as many times thru multiple wallets.
  2. NEVER EVER order anything grow related to ur grow operation address. Just dont do it.
  3. (Optional) if its ILGM they can and will replace. So safety there

its going to be like oz, if they find an envelope with 20 seeds in it they throw them away you may get a note. you notify ilgm they send you more, I get them sent to a po box, but it is our po box, with a different name. I just figure a cop isn’t going to sit around a po box… and its a long way away from the grow…

if you order 1000 its different…

you’ll be right mate. don’t over think these things others already have, they are packed well and seeds are just an organic material, not a drug, dogs don’t go as crazy… is your grandma still alive? get them sent to her house…

But I just reread your question, and no…… but because im in oz, but we do have similar quarantine laws, pretty tough. and ive had good success not just with ilgm… knock on wood.

I use bit coin too…

I also in the past buy at weird times like 6 moths before I even start getting ready to put them in the ground… not intentionally but it would be pretty hard to put 2 and 2 together…

good luck buddy.

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Hey thanks kettle, I’ll stop worrying…for now. It’s been over a month with no seeds, so maybe my 10 are in the bin and I’ll have to go back to ilgm. At least nobody’s banging down the door :crazy_face:haha.


Welcome to the community , @benson I think ILGM say give them 20 days before you start to panic. I feel like from now till the end of the year is a great time to order beans The mail is overloaded with holiday packages and your beans will just blow right on through . Just my thoughts good luck.