New York Surveilance

Sorry to hear this. It’s ridiculous that they’d even bother confiscating plants now that it’s legal, but there is no where to buy it. Yes, technically you can’t grow for 18 months after the first recreational sale. But if you can’t buy it, what else are you supposed to do?

Also, next month it will be legal to grow in New York if you have a medical card. The law states 6 months after the bill passed for patients to be able to grow. However, no regulation or rules have been put in place for patients who wish to grow because cuomo never took the steps to setup a cannabis control board. So who really knows. At least you didn’t get arrested or fined.

My guess is the helicopter wasn’t just looking for you. There are probably others growing in your area and they were surveillance multiple properties and then going door to door.


Long time ago I used to grow just off my parents property in the woods about 500 feet from the house. Late one night I heard this chopper sounded like it was right on top of my house. I got up looked out the windows and could see it had it’s giant circle spot light going up and down the yards from the street into the woods and back up again. I was crapping my pants. They were low and going slow and there is no way in hell they didn’t see my plants. I went to go out the front door and saw a cop standing across the street. I’m done I thought. Waited and waited … nothing…next day I found out they were looking for an escapee. Guess they weren’t interested in my 2,3,or 4 plants I don’t really remember. This was at a time here in NY where our local sheriff spent most his days in a helicopter looking for plants. Usually the paper would read 200 pot plants found growing…

Btw…that bright light in the middle of the night didn’t seem to affect my plants one bit 🤷



If you’re truly concerned about online activity, a VPN service is always a good option. I’ve been using and happy with Private Internet Access. They even have a phone app if you want to go that far.

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Back in college in the early 70’s I smoked ‘weed’ regularly, but never did any of the stronger drugs. Then, once I got a job that required a lot of focus and responsibility, I stopped smoking it.

I’ve wanted to grow cannabis for my chronic pain for many years, but I didn’t because it was illegal. Then when I thought it was legal I grew a few LOW THC, HIGH CBD plants for my personal use, only to have them confiscated!!

I probably add 10-15 posts to my Fakebook page every day about ‘my causes’. If you looked at my Fakebook page, you would see nothing personal about me AT ALL because fakebook sells everything and gives the government anything they ask for.

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Yes there is a lot of misconception here in NY about what’s legal and what’s not.

Is there anyway your doctor would give you a med card? The dispensaries are open and it would give you a head start when it does become legal to grow. Sorry to hear of your pain , I know all too well what that’s like. Good luck

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She offered several years ago to prescribe medical marijuana, but it was $500 every month so I declined. She dumped all of her ‘Medicare Only’ patients three years ago. I was one of them… so I no longer have a pain doctor. Using diet and lifestyle changes and using herbal, homeopathic and other natural medicines and essential oils I was able to reduce my Morphine ER from 300mg/day to 10mg/day, but when I over do it or the weather changes or a myriad of other things happen I really wish that I had something more for the pain. I thought the LOW THC, HIGH CBD cannabis was it. ITS ALWAYS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY IN A ‘FOR PROFIT’ HEALTHCARE SYSTEM!!

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It is easy to get a medical card these days. Chronic pain qualifies. You’ll be able to go to a dispensary or grow starting next month.

Here’s an except from the actual bill:

Subdivisions one through five of this section shall not take effect until such a time as the office of cannabis management has issued regulations governing the home cultivation of cannabis. The office shall issue rules and regulations governing the home cultivation of cannabis by certified patients as defined in section three of the cannabis law, no later than six months after the effective date of this article and shall issue rules and regulations governing the home cultivation of cannabis for cannabis consumers as defined by section three of the
cannabis law no later than eighteen months following the first authorized retail sale of adult-use cannabis products to a cannabis consumer.


Look Into a VPN buddy


I was going to say that too …VPN

They do air patrols every year on the gulf coast. Several folks just got busted one with 50 plants in Mississippi. I’m sure New York is no different.

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Joe Walsh on the right!


Being it’s gonna be legal next year most likely those that try to control the Cannibis industry as well as pharmaceutical companys got there friends to confiscate as much illegal Mary Jane to drive everyone to there soon to be open stores.

I wouldn’t doubt that a bit!

But with that said most likely ya neighbor or someone spotted ur plants or they simply found them on a routine air patrol.

We lose crops every year in Dixie to patrols and thieves we plant extra because of it.

Think of this though, your state will indeed lose money in taxes to illegal grows. It’s all about the money folks. Boom expect more choppers once it’s legalized even more choppers than u see now.

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I think one of your neighbors might if made a complaint.


Come on
What seems more likely?

A neighbor blowing her in, or a vast Government conspiracy to mine data nationwide looking for references to c4n/b15 (had to write in code…they’re watching) in hopes of finding out who may be growing smaller quantities of weed so they can send in the troops to say
“Cut that out”


What was I thinking :thinking: 🥸

The house on one side is vacant. The house on the other side is 500’ feet away and the plants were completely blocked by trees and/or bushes on every side and there is no house directly across the street and farmers field behind, so it was not a neighbor.

ALL cellular call, text and internet activity is monitored using algorithms 24 hours a day. When certain words show up, that call, text or internet activity is downloaded and saved. This IS NOT a conspiracy theory, it is FACT. Even the USPS has gotten into the surveillance game with their ICOP program!


The surveillance is not specifically for cannabis. ALL cellular, texting and internet activity is monitored 24 hours a day using algorithms to search for words. When any of the words are found, that activity is downloaded and saved. Even the USPS has gotten into the surveillance game with their ICOP program!

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