New York Surveilance

If I was in NY, even if it was legal, it would still be illegal because I was in the United States. But the real clarity comes once I accept it’s decriminalized. When I’m in NY.

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The simpler answer is that the two things are totally unrelated.

The odds they flew that chopper specifically for you is pretty slim. They’re probably doing a sweep of the area with FLIR and cannabis stands out like a sore thumb. It’s like bright red in a sea of green.

They sweep the area and then go door knocking.


Everything that you do online is directly linked to your IP Address, so it is very easy to trace your activity back to you.

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Since 9/11 and the Patriot Act, EVERYTHING that we do online is legally monitored.

I’m sure that I was not the only person that they flew over that day. I would think that they had a list and went from one location to the next.

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It was the time table that linked everything together for me. The search, the helicopter and the deputy visit happened in a very short timeframe, to close to be just a coincidence. The deputy visit got me thinking and it didn’t take long to remember the helicopter over-flight and then I remembered my recent search for harvesting my plants and it all came together.

I am pretty active in areas that are heavily monitored, like politics, COVID, vaccines, government lies & corruption etc, so Im sure that almost everything that I do is monitored. I’ve been in Fakebook jail more times than I can count!


I agree …I think it’s a waste of time and resources to target one specific person trough their internet then send a helicopter over their property also making it obvious at very low height then to knock on their door and confiscate plants I could see if they were going to bust an entire farm or if they were actually going to make an arrest …

That a lot of resources and wasted money to give some one a slap on the wrist


Facebook …
Since you thought it was legal were you posting about it there??

It’s like 4 plants and they didn’t even arrest you …I’m sorry it just sounds crazy to me that they’d waste their time

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From my understanding, FLIR is thermal and infrared. How would that distinguish vegetation that is the same temperature as everything else growing around it?

Right now, because what the public has been told about the new law is so vague, and the fact that possession and use is legal and growing it will be legal soon and cannabis was decriminalized a year ago making an arrest and getting a conviction would be very difficult. Any lawyer would get it thrown out of court on day one.

They didn’t think it was a waste of resources, because they came here and took my plants and they specifically told me that a helicopter flew over and saw my plants…

The mining of the data costs them nothing and to keep grow activity down until everything in the law is written and defined they are using the mined data to confiscate what they can.

Pots hot, heard ya plant it in circles around cedar trees😉

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I don’t think they really want to spend the money or time on dope. Fuel for the helicopters is not cheap.


If I had an indoor grow set up in my entire house, or even one whole room, using HPS lighting, FLIR could find it, but a few plants grown outdoor are detected using low flight and binoculars

Seems like a lot of wasted resources to pick off small grows just to say knock it off. Think they may have believed yours was a larger operation than it actually was.


This is your answer …
No one is going to put fuel in a helicopter to fly over your home and then knock on your door and ask you where the plants are especially if they already know
Also the cost of the fuel is many times the tax money they are going to get out of you even if you went and bought it recreationally

A helicopter flew over your house …saw a bunch of pot plants
Came in for a closer look
And it took days for them to show up …
And they just happened to knock on the door and be nice ….
Lol I’m sorry I just don’t buy it
If I saw anyone with a badge at my front door
I’d quietly go out back and kill the plants …then answer the door


The only thing that I posted on Fakebook about cannabis, was the articles that it was legalized, NOTHING else!!

I pretty much use Fakebook to store information that I find important and want to be able to find later.
I post nothing personal on Fakebook because Fakebook monitors EVERYTHING that you post there and sells whatever they can and gives EVERYTHING they monitor to the government!!


That’s why I don’t use Facebook
But even before that I think it’s lame …I don’t need to see what salad my cousin that I Haven’t seen in years had for lunch today …I’m good


Sorry to disagree, but the deputy told me that a helicopter flew over my house and they did come here and take my plants.

I believe that they were polite because cannabis possession and use is legal right now and growing it will soon be legal. To make an arrest would be a waste of their time because any lawyer would get the arrest thrown out of court, because of the new law and that growing will be legal soon, they are focusing on just confiscation to keep growing to a minimum.

I really do not care whether “you buy it” or not, it was what happened.

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I believe you
What I meant is he gave you the answer when he told you a helicopter flew over your house …
What I’m saying is no one is looking at your internet data to come bust you over 4 plants …

What I’m saying is a helicopter unmarked which honestly could be from anywhere …news …coast guard …private …whatever saw it and reported it …no one is watching you on the internet …that’s what I’m saying …the happenstance coincidence to you …is the fact that you were extensively searching about harvesting cannabis

I think one has nothing to do with the other …sorry for any confusion I did not mean to imply you are lying about anything …it’s just a little silly to think anyone would go through the trouble …surely if they were watching you through tue internet they probably know more than you think and when they realized you were a small home grower they’d move on

Just my opinion and we can disagree …
If I’m wrong I’d admit it


That is a real possibility!! A lot of my property is still overgrown, and they may NOT have been able to tell if there were just the few plants I had or a lot more. I was not growing the plants to get ‘high’. I was just growing a few LOW THC, HIGH CBD plants to help with my chronic pain, so all I needed was a few plants.


That is possible too, but the three events happening in such a short time period and how extensively EVERYTHING we do is monitored make me really wonder!!

I know that a LOT of what I do on the internet is monitored because of what most of my activity is and that I am not afraid to speak out.

I’ve been an activist in one form or another most of my 65+ years. I sent a FOIA request to the FBI, CIA and NSA several years ago. All three agencies refused to release my file. They did not say I do not have a file, they said that they would not release it.

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