New York Surveilance

What I am posting here, I have no evidence to back up, but the coincidences are profound.

New York legalized Marijuana on March 31, 2021. Everything that I read said that Zi could grow up to 6 plants, so I planted 4.

As my plants were about to begin flowering last week, I did some serious searching on harvesting them.

Within several days of my extensive searching, a helicopter flew over my property twice within 10-15 minutes.

Within days of the helicopter flying over my property, two sheriff deputies showed up at my door and asked if I was growing cannabis. By their tone, they obviously knew that I was growing cannabis, so I acknowledged that I was. They then asked how many plants, and I told them 4. They stated that growing it as illegal and they were going to confiscate my plants and asked me where they were. I stated that cannabis was legal in New York and I was allowed to grow up to 6 plants. They responded that growing will not be allowed for another year or so. They said the there was “No Harm, No Foul” and no penalty, but they were going to take my plants. They were very courteous. While we were walking, I asked them how they could even know that I was growing them, to which they responded that helicopters see everything and cannabis plants stand out very well against other vegetation.

Everything that happened in such a short time frame was to much of a coincidence for the helicopter over my property and the deputies showing up in less than a week of my extensive internet search could not have been a random happenstance event. I believe that they used data-mining and algorithms to monitor internet searches and the data from my internet search, because of the term cannabis"


I think they just wanted you to do the hard work for them …
I thought you were already allowed to grow in NY

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And what color was the helicopter ??

Asking for a friend


The helicopter was plain white, no markings.

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Wheeeew….I’ll be sure to tell him that the green one he saw was probably no big deal then


That sucks tho and I hope that isn’t true …like what happened to you

Everything that I read when I ordered the seeds indicated that it was legal to grow here, but what I found today in the updated articles says it will be at least next year before it is legal.

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Wow …see now I’d be more inclined to think that ordering seeds would have been what did it …

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I figure there has to be some locality to your circumstances, county government or what is set against the legalization movement. The new guv’nher is pushing to get the pot stores open ASAP.

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Not necessarily! I would think that every area has more than one helicopter, and different areas of the state use different ones.
The helicopter flew directly over my garden twice in a very short time and was only a few hundred feet off the ground. The incident was odd enough at the time that it stuck in my mind.


The friend I was asking for doesn’t live in NY …lol …but he vaguely remembers one hovering around the neighborhood
Not as low as you describe but circling for a while …
My friend talks a lot so it’s easy to remember …
Anyway he didn’t order his seeds on line …and he lives in a state where it’s still a felony .
However he did tell me it kind of freaked him out a bit …

I suppose that is possible, but I ordered the seeds four months ago and I don’t think that would have triggered what happened four months later. I think it is more likely that my search using the words “cannabis” and “harvest” is what triggered what happened.

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I’m not saying that it isn’t possible …but do you use WiFi? Like from your home?
I mean I think they’d have to go through a lot of trouble to go finding your ip ADRESS amd linking it to you …i am probably way wrong

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Ok but the monitoring of your internet searches leading to the helicopter, that’s the nefarious part.


Are they visible by anyone ? Taller than a fence maybe ? Any neighbors dislike you ? Could be so many things …
Just saying I …I mean my friend is pretty much searching about cannabis and growing and harvesting …lol


The one deputy said that once the stores are open and the tax money in flowing in it will be legal to grow. They want people paying taxes by buying it in authorized stores before they will let us grow.


I just think it’s a little weird that’s all …I mean …that is like every state they all want tax money

How will they tax you for growing it ?


I live on 2 acres and my neighbors are not close enough to see them, and where they were planted there are trees blocking the view of the plants from the street and both of my neighbors. The house on one side is vacant, and I get along fine with the neighbor on the other side.


Virtually everything that we do online and all of our cellular phone activity is monitored. Not sure about land line phones. They use algorithms that search for certain words, and when they find those words a red flag goes up and the activity is saved.


Yes growing in NY is still illegal.

Still ahead: Growing your own

In previous attempts to legalize marijuana, Cuomo had opposed allowing New Yorkers to grow their own unless they qualified for medical use. That changed this year.

Under the new law, adults can cultivate up to six plants, (three mature and three immature), or 12 (six and six) for a household with more than one adult.

But it won’t happen, legally at least, for a while. The state still must write specific regulations for home-growing. Legal home cultivation could begin within six months after those rules take effect for medical users and up to 18 months for recreational users.

From what I hear it’s going to be a year or more before we can legally grow. NY is in no hurry to allow it.

We had the helicopters flying over last year looking for growers, but have not seen them yet this year.
I am on marijuana sites daily and have 2 plants growing. I’m not worried about it but that really makes me wonder.


I do not use cellular because EVERYTHING that you do on cellular is monitored. I keep cellular access on my phone set to off. I don’t think that wi-fi per-se is monitored, but all internet activity is and everything can be easily traced back to you using your IP Address.