New white pistols

Pistols all went brown, trichromes all clear, now throwing new white pistols. Leaves not looking so good. Is an outdoor plant. Could extreme heatwave, 36 _38 Celsius cause some of this? Hoping plant will finish before it gets tooo bad.

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Your plant seems a sativa to me and no idea when your trichomes will start turning amber. Regarding the leaves, maybe a pest issue. Try to figure out the type of bugs hanging on your plant.

@Cannabian any suggestions what to use in this phase?

I would say, unless you have a target pest like thrips or something, I wouldnt apply anything. That cannabis is a couple weeks from harvest.

Hi there, nice looking sativa! Yeah they are painful to wait for…:laughing: there is a thai X that vegges for 6 weeks and starts to flower, it takes 16 weeks to bud out! Id guees you may have some thrip issue? Not a big deal at this stage, worms, caterpillars and bud rot are. Whatever you are doing… keep doing it.
Yeah heat waves can mess things up a lot, it screws with metabolism, its temporary.

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Hey by the way, what strain is that?

Not sure on the strain. Brother planted some seed and I took a couple plants off his hands for him.

thanks for the info. Seen a few webs on it so maybe mites. Did give it a mild dish soap spray a few weeks ago. Don’t really wanna mess with it at this point. Let her bud out.