New Water System Adjustments

So for $4,000 I bought an RO water system for the kitchen and Filtered water for the rest of the house. The RO ph is around 8.0 @ 008 ppm. The filtered water is usually 6.5 ph @ 210 ppm. Today after the recharging system ran the filtered water measured 440 ppm and so was virtually unusable. After about an hour the ppm dropped to 330 but the waiting around for it sure slowed things up. Trying to use the RO is also problematic because any nutrients added to it run the ph down to extremely low levels. CalMag and Smart Tea do the same thing without some of that filtered water mixed in there. Tap water used to be so much simpler. I just couldn’t take any more of those little floaties in it. So far my only solution is to use a bit of the filtered water to stabilize the rest of it enough to add some goodies. Anybody else deal with this?

The 8ph on the RO is inaccurate. There’s not enough dissolved solids to give you a proper ph. Same goes for distilled water. It basically assumes the ph of whatever is added to it or it’s added to. So if you were to give plain RO or distilled water to your plants, it’s going to take on whatever your soils ph is.

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Thanks, I’m starting to get the idea.