New type growth Runtz

Need help identifying growth on flowers! I’m not sure if new pistils growing. Will send 3 pics please expand..identify![image|375x500](upload://qyOdng7K4sf4oducrN9JnEghzLB.jpeg)

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Looks to be foxtailing (growing new bud on top of old bud). This can happen due to heat stress, environmental factors, or genetics.

Nothing wrong with it really. It just makes harvesting more difficult. When ready to harvest check the trichomes deeper within the bud.


Is your light to close or is your heat over 80f?

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Heat crept over 80, moved light closer also

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How about that eh?

Yeah fox tails come from 3 things most commonly.

To much light
To much heat

And sometimes

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Thanks appreciate info….

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