New two (3) bucket system

I’ve had some success with DWC, so now I’m going to switch to a 2 bucket drip with a third bucket as the reservoir.
I use General Hydroponics Floral series and I’m thinking of using the Lucas method.
My tent is 3x3 but can be expanded to 3x4 if I take out the partition that is used for a small starter/cIone area. I see pics that show 4 plants in 3x3, I’m worried that even my 2 will get cramped for space.
Your opinion or advice is always welcomed.


Did you build the shark bite manifold, or was that a kit?

I built it. I like sharkbites since they make it easy to take a part for cleaning.
I used to live in a very old house, which had a lot of plumbing issues, that is when I discovered those. Use them when I needed to replace a leaking pipe or valve.

And does that line drain to a bucket that will be lower than the others?

Are you going to aerate the individual buckets?

I would move from 1/4" clear drip lines up to 1/2" black poly. In a drain to waste system 1/4" clear might be fine, but your organic matter and salt buildup (IMO/E) are going to be a challenge and are likely to clog up your emitters. You can use strong peroxide (food grade, not pharmacy grade) but that adds another variable and some solvable safety concerns.

Same concern with the PEX. Can you paint it black? That’ll help reduce algae growth.

I want to understand the entire system: Pumps, aeration, reservoir location, etc.

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