New to this, want to go organic

I’m failing to get your meaning. Do you truly believe that I’m unaware debates exist?

Are you here just to be difficult? Your posts and comments show you are. Looking for a fight I think. Move along.

Thank you for being direct. I’m a bit autistic and tend to take things too literally and miss the point that is being made. It also places a blindspot in the way I communicate and I miss the effect it has on others even when I think I’m doing ok. I apologize for the failure.

For what it’s worth it was never my intention to start fights but I cannot argue with perception.

Moving along now.


You have an interest and knowledge to share. Keep doing that.


Stress not @poly . Keep helping us get better.


I am a 18 months into this and just went organic with Gaia Green.

Check out MeEasy on the forum,he is why I went organic and didn’t like the hassle of mixing Fox Farm trio. He uses Earth Dust and it’s not available since they stopped producing it.

I have 3 ILGM Blue Dreams autos going in basement now. They are doing real good fertilized first of January hit them again first of Feb.

I don’t know that much and wouldn’t give you any technical advice but organic vs Fox Farm is a no brainer for me. Organic has taken the guessing game of what, how much and when out of the equation for me.


Amen to that. @MeEasy has a great thread for living soil. Convinced me to switch a year or so ago. I will never go back to mixing and testing and worrieng i screwed up.

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Professional fish guy here, chiming in.

Most professional fish guys I know (worked for a company servicing 4,000 office aquariums in w Washington and have my own aquarium business now w/ 150 clients) switched exclusively to sodium thiosulfate to deal with chloramines. It binds to the Cl even if bonded to an -amine. Also it’s way cheaper than EDTA. Most dechlor products now (reading from label) contain both EDTA and sodium thiosulfate. But honestly all you need is the thio.

For standard tap water concentrations 1 rock salt crystal of sodium thiosulfate will dechlor 500 gallons of water. As fast as you can stir it.

In college I worked at a live fish transhipper and anytime the fish started gasping during water changes we would throw a tblspoon of sodium thiosulfate into the 5,000gal mixing vat. It would happen about once every 4 months when the water district was flushing the lines with a chlorine boost. Fixed it every time.

Also, for those clients who prefer fake plastic trees (ha Radiohead) I dunk those decorations into a 5gallon bucket of hot water and a cup of Clorox. Pour off, rinse once, and a pinch of sodium thiosulfate. Those can go right back in 5 minutes without nuking (Cl-) the gills of the fish.

@poly you must be on aquifer water. Here in the maritime puget sound region we are snow melt and rain water. KH of 0-1 out of the tap. It will leach out every ion of bicarbonate buffer along with all your Ca and Mg faster than you can say fish. Additional buffering is needed.

If someone’s water was above 8-10 KH then this would not happen and not be needed. But here if you do not buffer your PH will crash and never look up till you fix it with buffer. I am a fan of hardwood ash and char.

But I usually suggest to others to used marine sand or crushed coral. Most fish shops sell this by the pound so you don’t have to buy a 50lb bag. It does not take much. Just like the oyster shell shards you @mingleme suggested.

Also the shore of any puget sound access is littered with clam shells from the seagulls smashing them open. One could easily fill a small bucket or baggie in a few steps.


You are always so full of information. I love reading your posts.

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