New to this stuff! 🥴

Hey everyone!
New to ALL this! I rediscovered cannabis in 2016 … it changed my life! As a combat veteran with severe PTSD and injuries I had become a state sponsored drug addict; a criminal … only a legitimate one. I chose to end that cycle … cold turkey … and now I am criminal for choosing to not be a criminal!
Anywho …
I have browsed around in here and y’all seem like like some people I can talk with. I hope I’m right.
Here’s a couple of pics of my 2 surviving plants. I only know one is indica and one is Sativa and it was just plain, pure luck! I had 6 but 4 didn’t make it … crashed and burned … wasn’t pretty!


Hard to with that burple light tell can you take a pic in natural light or with flash. they seem healthy and happy

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Hi and welcome! They look like they’re full and alive.
Take some pics with natural lighting to give a better idea about colors and such. :v:t2:

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Check! I’ll get some tomorrow!



We are here to help you succeed in your beautiful new hobby…
Welcome to the forum my fellow cultivator… :+1::wink:

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Hello and welcome to the forum!

You have some excellent people to help here for sure. I was also wondering about pics in natural light. Or what specifically you may be looking for help with?

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Yeah hard to see, doesn’t look very bushy. Perhaps I’m wrong have to see in better pics.