New to this please help

I was originally getting the 6’ 3 different ppl at the grow shop told me that the 6 was going to be to much for the space and would make the wall cave in

Yeah that caving in is called negative pressure , which is what most growers aim for.

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goes to show u all got follow the first mind I cant believe this lite is making all this heat tent is even next to window with ac in it but I im off to get another fan and drip trays don’t know how I forgot to get drip trays

Hey doesn’t @AloysiusDevadanderAbercrombie use a couple 4x4s. I use 2x4s but I got 6inch fans at half speed on mine.

I think so i almost think I should have gone just a lil smaller tent took my room

Right I use a spare bedroom then I built a back porch into a closed room and used that space. Now it’s not insulated as well as my house so temp started jumping around so I moved it back inside today what a mess.

Any tent bigger than a 2x2 should have a 6" exhaust fan, 4" fans can’t handle the volume needed in a 3x3 or 4x4, specially if you put a carbon filter on it.

I wish. Currently I’m growing in part of a 2x4 space in a closet and flowering my big girl outside. A good 6" oscillating fan does it for my space. lol

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Well guys in addition to the 2 6’ clip fans I got a 18 fan going no rasied to almost the top of the canopy aim at th roughly at the light this seems to take care of the problem for the most part temp will Flux to around 84 but when this happens if i just open the tent a lil temp will drop down between 78 and 80 but will main hold around there rh is still kinda low at around 27 to 30

@Hellraiser @Teffygreenthumb @EYE69MYSELF @Eagles009 @kellydans @dbrn32 ok the girl are 2 days above ground on a 24hr light cycle temp 75 rh 30 and dome should i be doing anything different at this point the only have had a 6 hr dark cycle at this point as well


Sounds like your doing good remember those young plants aren’t going to be drinking much watch the watering most of the moisture they need they are getting out of the air inside the dome until they have a decent root system!

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If you’re going to dome then you must follow the the way of the domers. I am not a domer, so any advise I would give would be the complete opposite of the growers that use domes.

If you want to know how I would do it, check out the beginning of my journal where I go step by step through seed starting and care of seedlings.


Thanks for the tag ! looks like you’re off to a good start. Most all seedlings will stretch a little I see you have left space and the top of the cup for a little backfill , when they start to stretch. Also at that point you can create a little air flow with small fan to get a little wiggle to strengthen stems.

I think you look pretty good. I would get opaque cups to put the translucent cups into.

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Quick a ? Are the random seed u find in sometimes in a plant that was never pollinated general fem or is it still 50/50 because I have a white runts seed

@dbrn32 @SKORPION @kellydans @Hellraiser


help dont no what going on wit the girls is this over watering

Overall I think your seedlings look good , you might let the cups dry out a a little before you water again. Also as @dbrn32 mentioned slide cups down in a darker cup To Shield roots from light exposure would be good .


What Kelly said.

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