New to this , 1st timer

Hey all, 1st time grower ( second actually if I count the late 70’s when I had stalks of gold that were a liter better than hemp…

iLGM white widow autos. About 6-8 inch after 4 weeks from sprout.

Outdoors I. Vivosun 5gal bags. Very healthy, lush green 5-6 nodes, etc.

Not sure when to start looking if male or female?

Using fox farm trio as well as ocean forrest soil, got some bat poop to use soon. Using cal-mag as well.

I can post pics but new to this.

When can it be determined male or female and are autos or 50/50


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All ILGM seeds are feminized and you should not have any males. It is statistically possible but rare. They should start to show their sex any time now. Keep watching every day at the nodes for this…

The key is the white pistils coming from the calyx.


What he said ^^^^


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Maybe a little early, at the nodes are more branch/leaf

sites, like the kind in tomatoes where u pinch them off


That’s the place, But please don’t pinch anything off :astonished:


Your auto plants are off to a good start healthy. Nice spacing on the nodes.
Keep up the good work


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As stated above, your plants are guaranteed to be female and to flower without having to change light schedule.
White Widow was a good choice for 1st(2nd) time. I just cut this WW auto a couple weeks ago. She gave me 2 Oz good buds.

A little over 4 Oz was my biggest auto so far from a Bubba Kush auto.


Probably won’t need :point_up::point_up::point_up: as long as you feed properly with the trio and :point_down::point_down::point_down:

Calmag has nitrogen and guano has a lot of nitrogen. Plus the Ocean Forest is hot stuff (really recommend mixing or layering with Happy Frog for autos to avoid any shock) and will last up to 6wks before you even need to open your bottles.

There is a couple of flushes with FF Sledgehammer that are on their feeding schedule. I strongly suggest doing them. FF nutes can cause a lot of salt buildup at the root zone which can lead to some ugly issues like lockout.

Other than that, FF is good stuff. Little more work and little more pricey, but makes some nice buds.

Oh, and welcome aboard!!! You’ll love it here!!! Hope this helps. Good luck and happy growing!!!


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Got it. When you flush, what do you do, mix the sledge hammer and then drench the heck out of them, or do you just Water them with it for a few days?

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No, I think you use a gallon of mixed nutrients, then when you’re ready to flush, you mix 2 gallons of Sledgehammer (no nutes). You just give to the plant like your feeding her. Liberal runoff. Then, after she’s done draining, follow with a full strength feed. The flush essentially breaks down the nutes in the soil and “flushes” them away in the runoff.


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Welcome, im new to growing Cannabis also. This is my first grow. I had them outside for the past 5 weeks but, i just bought an indoor grow tent with the 9 yards. First time growing indoors also. Im on a big learning curve right now. Follow my threads, you will learn alot from everyone here.


1 flush all at once. Here is the feeding schedule if you don’t have one.

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Another question for ya11:
Not using nutes yet but in a couple of weeks probably going to start. Was thinking of getting a ppm and ph tester that’s better than the three in one probe I have now. Something like an apera pc60.
I intend on growing in soil for the foreseeable future. When “testing the runoff” term is used, what does that mean? Do I need to soak the soil until it seeps though the fabric bag and test that? Seems like I’d be overwatering every time I want to test. If that’s the case, I assume I would be pre-testing the balanced ph water being used the re-testing what comes out??

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Yes. You need to water to run off to assure the roots at the bottom are getting the nutes too. This will buy you more time between waterings this way.

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@Hatchmo. Runoff is about 20% of what you watered. Use a gallon, a quart of runoff would be okay to measure. Approx.

Seaping through as you called it is correct, and yes, you want your nutes ph-ed prior to watering your plants.

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