New to the site, first grow.. week 7


Welcome to the community growmie! Your plants look happy and healthy. Great work!

What strain/strains you have growing there friend?

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Critical, purple queen, sweet zz, from royal queen seeds

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Critical is amazing! Just grew some of that. Smoking it now after 40 day cure. Delicious

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The last picture you posted is the critical isn’t it?

Yeah buddy :open_mouth:, only problem I had with her was I found a few bananas hopefully I got ‘em all


Welcome aboard! Looks awesome over here! Beautiful ladies! Keep it up! Stay Lit!!!


Here is my last critical I grew.

Looks dank, I hope mine gets some nice colors too
How many weeks did you flower?

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73 days I think it was

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Looking great at your spot Growmie :muscle:, welcome to the Grow Fam :love_you_gesture:

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