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On my first ever grow after my medical supplier said he was laying low for awhile. So I ended up with a couple of bag seeds from some very good kush. Anyway I tried to keep it simple. Fox farms soil. 600 watt led inside grow. So far so good. Went to 12/12 10 days ago and now seeing buds ( I hope ). It was recommended not to add mutes to the soil on the first grow because it had everything already in it. Should I add anything extra during the flowering to help with growth. I have had no problems to this point. I don’t want to harm the plant because I have to have it. I suffer from PTSD and crushed disk and I refuse to get back on opioids here is a pic of what it looks like now .


Ff soil really only has enough nutes in it for vegg, about a month worth. By the time you switch to flower, you’ll wanna start adding bloom nutes.


That’s what I was thinking. I will start adding some now. Thank you


Start off about half strength to see how she reacts


@Painfree, I have Spinal Stenosis from an injury during active duty. My doc says he would consider me 100% disabled and at 41 I have the walk of an 80 year old man. He tried to prescribe me Opiods for the pain, I tild him no and that I used marijuana for pain management. He said I wasn’t the first to tell that and if it worked, to keep doing it. Last time I took Tramadol I had very vivid thoughts of killing my family and myself. Will never touch that carp again, I would rather be in excruciating pain than ever have those thoughts again, so now I grow outdoors.

You have beautiful looking ladies!


I was taking 9 diff meds a day but not anymore. I have no flower but just knowing I have help on the way is what keeps me going.


Amen bro. Haven’t smoked since my finished the harvest from my first grow, 6 weeks now which ironically is the age of my current grow. After smoking my own grow, I can’t bring myself to buy from anyone else.


Looks good for a young lady. How many u doing


Just 2 right now. I plan on getting some auto flowers going soon and keep them going so I can have meds every month


I just finished 2 myself. Yea. U will be good. Haha