New to the group, hello and any help appreciated

Many questions… I am attempting first grow using White Widow from Nirvana, planted only 2 to see how i do. Placed in my grow box painted white inside…placed 2-60w LED ligts and one 42W led on top (thats all i had in the house till this weekend lol) Germinated 24 hours in water then paper towel (took almost a week for root to come out) placed in jiffy pellet. baby girl one seems to be doing well… today Week 2/ day 3 i transplanted her in a solo cup with organic soil. I am doing 18/6 lights. little girl 2 is having trouble she just now started to sprout above the jiffy pellet and is bending over and almost face down, no leaves or anything yet and I did her the same as I did the first one. number one when germinated showed the root however number 2 was only cracked open but i up in pellet anyway. I have lights 1.5 ft above them … do i need more light? do i need to lower lights? i am spraying with water because i have read that giving too much is a beginners first mistake! any ideas are openly welcome! @bob31


I’m going to give you a support ticket to fill out and a pH chart for reference.

Fill out the support ticket and be specific as best you can @newbie34 Welcome to ILGM lot’s of good folks here and all are willing to help out!

Also if you could post a picture or two under natural or white light that would be great!

COPY/PASTE: This “Support Ticket” into your forum post.
Answer these simple questions the best you can.
If you do not know, or do not use something; Just say so = NA

Strain; Type, Bag seed, ILGM… name of strain:

Age from Sprout:

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco / Brand and type of Soil & Size of Pots:

How often do you water and how do you determine when to do so?

PH of water and runoff or solution in reservoir:

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS:

Indoor or Outdoor:

Light system, size and height from plants:

Temps; Day, Night:

Humidity; Day, Night:

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size:

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier:

Co2; Yes, No:

Add anything else you feel would help us give you a most informed answer. Feel free to elaborate, but short, to the point questions and facts will help us help you


Thank you here is a pic of the good girl

[quote=“bob31, post:2, topic:12643”]

Strain; White widow seed (they are regular so I don’t know if female or male yet)

Age from Sprout: seed one 5 days from sprout
seed two …3 days from sprout

Soil in pots; started jiffy pellets
Scotts organic soil

How often do you water and how do you determine when to do so? I am checking on them it seems every hour and i spray with water only when top is getting dry

PH : I am not sure of this. Just learning that i need the PH pen

What is strength of nutrient mix? n/a


Light system: 2-60watt LED 1-42W LED 1.5 ft away from top of plant

Temps; keeping room at 73-74 degrees F

Humidity; I used humidity tent to get them to sprout

Ventilation system; since i have to use a small area to be discreet i open box every few ours

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: N/A

Co2; NO

My guess is you are experiencing severe ph issues.

Your pH should be 6.5 for that soil.

Do you have a local grow store or hydro store where you can get a ph meter (about $20-) or a pet store you can get a small bottle of ph up and down and a ph test kit that you add water to a small bottle and add the drops to it to get the pH. You would want to pH the water to 5.8 and use a spray bottle to spray the plants. All they need is water on the leaves right now!

Can you take a pic of the front of your bag and also locate the ingredients and take a pic of those as well? That will help a ton!

I don’t have a grow store but we do have a pet store. So I mix that with the water and just spray on?

Are you in the US?

And what is the source of your water?

all you are going to spray is water. The pH up and down adjusts the Acid/ alkaline of the water so it is in the proper range for proper uptake of the nutrients in the soil.

What you need to do is get an empty clean container and fill it with water and let it sit open for a minimum of 24 hours to dissipate the chlorine. Then you take a sample of the water and check the pH and then usethe pH up or down to adjust it to the proper range.

yes TN. I was using bottled water first 5 days then switched to faucet in house … all i know about my water is its extremely soft (i have a pool and always have to add hardness). Im posting those pics for you now too.

Just saw the part on the PH… ok I will run to petstore in AM and sit out water tonight.

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ok, I modified my earlier post. Go with 6.5 but I am going to urge you to get a different soil that doesn’t have fertilizer in it. We seem to see a lot of problems with grows in fertilized soil. If that’s all you can get then,we will go with that.

I will post links to Amazon for you on what you should consider purchasing to measure your pH. We use amazon because they are an authorized seller for ILGM. You are of course free to purchase from anywhere you want, the links are provided for reference!

ok and yes I order Amazon all the time. I looked at my local Lowes and Home Depot and did not know what kind was best. So look for purely organic soil? should i change the one I placed in the cup today with the new soil tomorrow?

:thumbsup: awesome

Here are the links so you have an idea of what you are looking for. You will also need a dropper too.

just ph meter

ph up & Down

Ph test kit - drops

7.0 calibration fluid

I think the pet store will have different brands and such, but at the minimum get the ph test kit and the ph up and down

Also Distilled water will work pretty well too. I used it on mine for the first couple of weeks.

Tag me up tomorrow after you get back. Easy on the water and make sure and let them get a bit dry but not desert dry!

PS I lived in Clarksville TN in the late 70’s early 80’s when I was in the Army. Beautiful state!

Great… thank you so much!! I will keep you updated… I moved here 23 years ago and ended up loving it. many hiking trails.

two more questions: 1) are the lights im using enough? while im out ill pick up some.
2) do i change the soil in that one I moved into cup today?

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Well here’s the thing. As long as the one in the solo cup looks ok, shes a little young for another transplant, so leave her for now if she looks ok.

If you can find a generic potting soil with perlite thats perfect. If it includes nutrients thats ok (but no fertilizer) If all you can find is Scott’s see if they have the mix for cactus. Supposed to be the best for MJ that they have, but never tried it.

On the lights you can move that LED down closer to the plants. Probably 3-5 inches. Put the back of your hand just above the sprout and if it’s hot against your skin it is too close.

We can talk about your lighting needs after these two are feeling better!

thanks! Ill do that now with the lights have to get soil and PH this evening.

Any update? @newbie34