New to the game what is I'm doing wrong

Hard to tell. Need more information

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Banana kush and blueberry auto. I am lost on what to feed it

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Pick up you pot if its heavy I think you re overwatering them if its feather light your underwatering them . Feed them phosphorous heavy nutes


And a pic without the grow light on


Thanks for that info.

Thanks for the info

Welcome to the forum!

I agree that we could get better look at what may be going on with pictures in natural light.


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It does look like could be a watering issue.

What size pot?
What is growing media?
How often are you watering/feeding?
How much are you watering/feeding?
Ph and ppm in/out?
What if any nutrients are you using?

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A medium sized pot every three days I water it my medium is soil Iā€™m using Fox farm soil ocean Forest with earthworm castings and bat guano

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Welcome to the community ! as mentioned check the pot weight for over-watering or under watering. Also make sure you got good drainage. The smallest pot that I use would be a 5 gallon.
Good luck

Take a good close look under leaves and thru soil o see alot of chewed up leaf tips usually a sign of pests if u dont have a cat to eat at the leaves