New to the forum

Hi fellow growers, am new to the forum and from Australia.On my 3rd indoor grow now but am still trying to figure it all out. My first two grows were les then desirable so will bd leaning in this forum for some much needed direction and information.

Happy growing all.


Heraow and welcome to the forum!

What setup have you been using? What are you going to change up in your 3rd grow? What’s been lackluster about your earlier attempts?


Hey Keystone, my setup is the tent and light as described, I purchased The Bucket Company 3 gallon 6 pot setup complete with irrigation and drainage. 6 Inch exhaust fan, two clip on circulating fans, heater fan, programmable humidifier, and clip on oscillating fan. I have changed the light and am now going full organic. My first attempt involved using the Advanced Nutrients as per the feeding chart but really didn’t know what I was doing and stumbled my way through it and had stunted plants. My second grow I reused they same soil without any amendments and it was a nightmare as I didn’t know any different. So I did a bit of reading and decided to go organic and here I am.


Sorry my tent is a 1.2x1.2x2 and my light is a Hlg 550 v3 Samsung quantum board.

The good news is that your issues weren’t related to skimping on important equipment. So it’s just a matter of getting the medium and nutrients right.

When you say organic, what does that mean to you? Are you only using products that meet a certification? Are you only using “natural” soil amendments?

Organic to me means all natural from Mother Nature herself. I have purchased all my products from a reputable Organic gardening business.

Well, you can start with Subcool’s Super Soil. Recipes are out there on YouTube and elsewhere. You start with a rich bagged soil until the plant fills out a 1 gallon pot. Then you pot up to a big container filled with hot super soil.

I’d also learn how to make sprouted seed tea which stands to boost the soil microbiology.

If you’re going to go with soil, I’d aim for a very large container. 10+ gallons.