New to rdwc any advice?


Hey everyone ive just got a rdwc system they are 3.9 gallon pots is that big enough? 1x reservoir and 4 x grow sites. Ive got canna balls for the media and a blue lab gaurdian monitor.can i start my clones in jiffys? @ntmaremach @dbrn32


The pots are 3.9 gallon, how big is the reservoir?


Its the same size theyve got an air stone in each pot and a inline pump that recirculates the water @dbrn32


Give us a pic of your whole set up…
I run diy rdwc units so I’m sure I can answer any questions you have… :wink:
You can start your seeds out in jiffy plugs if you want but I would not recommend them for hydro… you would be better off using rockwool or root riots… :wink:

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You can start clones any way you want. Jiffy pellets, ProMix BX, Rockwool (what I always use), and rapid rooters, etc, etc.

I think your question regarding the system you bought is “moot” because, you already have it and you are going to have to grow in it. I am sure the system pots will be just fine. You do not need bigger pots because, you are always recirculating fresh solution.

Happy growing, :slight_smile:


@peachfuzz @latewood i was concerned about the size and running out of roon for the roots im going to scrog over it in a 4x4 so i wont be able to check on the roots would it be safe to veg for 4 weeks and flower in 8? Il upload a pic once its assembled


All I’ve ever grown in hydroponically is DWC so I don’t know about other setups but in DWC i would not suggest getting yourself into a situation where its impossible to check on your roots @Saffa.

I’m not talking about running out of room either, if you get root rot you might mistake it for something else and won’t be able to check your roots and when you try to treat it, you won’t know when its gone


Thanx @TDubWilly il try come up with a scrog design that can lift up individually


Sorry for the late reply. The only issue you would potentially have with smaller pots is them running out of water quickly when the root mass gets large. Which I would think should be buffered by having the additional reservoir. If you run into issues with that, a simple increase in your res size should take care of it.


Algood @dbrn32 so just add another pot to the system but blocked off with a lid or a bigger res ? The system setup means the res level will always match the pot level. I was thinking about having 55gal res in the room with a pump on a seconds timmer adding water daily once i find out how thirsty they are but im nt sure how long the nutes stay good for once mixed.


I’m not sure which way would work better. Perhaps @peachfuzz can give some insight on that.

It seems that having a larger external res is the most popular, but I’m not sure what the best method for level control is.


That’s why I wanted to see a picture of your set up?
Some systems don’t work that we’ll because the roots end up blocking the return lines back to main res… is your res going to sit inside the tent? If that’s the case you might run into water temperatures being an issue…
Not sure if having a 55 gallon res on a timer pumping water in just because is a good idea either… it would be better for it to be gravity fed because your plants will drink more at different times so a timer just wouldn’t work… :wink:
You really want to get the system up and running for at least a week with all of the conditions that the plants will be in to monitor things before putting any plants into it… just like anything else , it will be trial and error… it’s taken me a year to get my rdwc systems dialed in and that doesn’t even include your environment , which is also key to being successful at this… :wink:
Send a pic of your system and we’ll try to get you figured out… :wink:

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You can veg for 4 and then flower. That is the earliest amount of veg
time. This shorter veg time will also limit the size of the overall root

Flowering is not a set amount of time. You harvest by the color of the
trichomes. (a matter of choice). Read up on trichgomes


You got the best team of cultivators to respond already , I would have chime in but I’m actually in the hospital with heart issues right now , but @latewood @TDubWilly, @peachfuzz, and a few others here could really set the course for you to have successful grow , You in good hands with those guys and the rim of information is priceless that you can learn from them and they experience Happy Growing !


Thanks @yoshi


@yoshi i hope u get better man good luck in the hospital. Thanx im taking note from everyone il put the system toghether on my next days off to see what it looks like im planning on having the res outside of the tank.


I’d like to see the system too. I’m building one.


@Bogleg i started building a diy system 1st mistake i made was buying orange buckets for the pots.the light shines through them so make sure u get black ones