New to outdoor one to test

So I wanted to give out dole a try and I had a plant that was inside and was just neglected but I didn’t want it to go to waste so I put it out side and it blew up back to life and now I wanna throw it into flower . I can I force flower outdoors it’s a random bag seed in a 7 gal with fox farm ocean forest soil was using micro grow bloom AN perfect ph units by recently have just going natural on it and just straight water like hose water or rain water and minor units on occasion but when I go into flower I’m gonna start feeding again to help

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i have done that,and it worked…
the only thing i would/could advise is to look very closely for bugs!
you do not want to transfer bugs into your inside grow…good luck @Trippy_kidd


You can force her into flower outsidea you just have to have a way to give her 12 hrs dark if I remember your in mi I’m in IN and we’re stI’ll having 14 hrs of light or a little better so you wI’ll have to shade it