New to out door tips please


So I’d like to go outdoor but ik its a bit cold here but I have 4 in veg and they’re about 4 feet tall and I wanna put a couple out doors for flower when I can I need tips on when the season is for out door flower and what I do at night? And if I have to go bigger pots or mine are solid as is and bugs and what not


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What region of the country are you in?


Farmers almanac my friend… everything you need to know for your location… u must take into consideration your specific skills and location , as to what your trying to accomplish and how your environment is treating you right now…
Everything is a shot in the dark… sometimes you land where you want too… or things go horribly wrong … that’s life , right… but you’ll never know unless you throw the dart…lol :wink:



Okay so here’s one thing the way my house faces and the way the sun rises and sets I know I have a spot that maintains sun all day no shade spots, also I’m in Michigan so I’m north and only have a regular spring summer


Farmers Almanac is GOOD! Fill out a support ticket as best you can. Will be big help.


Sorry I am an indoor grower until laws change here :wink: I can diagnose issues and help fix outdoor plants you’ll get better tips from our outdoor regs @Rugar89 @Willd


Indoor here, as far as the laws are concerned, as long as it’s not visible to the public with a visual aide. (That’s what ive read)
You should be pretty good to put them out, I heard it was 70° (Southwest mi) the other day, but as long as it stays above freezing at night I say go for it.
7 gallon plus for container size. (Bigger the better!)
Neem oil can be applied to kill anything that moves. Check them often for pest activity.
Then just stick to your nutrient schedule you’ll be golden. I would love some pictures when they go outside, I am anxious to try and grow there soon… especially outside when it’s legal on the fall ballot… :wink: keep me posted and don’t forget to vote in fall… @Trippy_kidd


Are you going greenhouse or in the elements? With a greenhouse you can get them started outside sooner. They will flower once the sunlight hours start getting shorter and you can make them flower sooner if you put a cover over them for 12 hours each day. If they are 4’ now they will be trees outside!


My parents swore by the Almanac they ran their veggie farm by it, it never failed them.


What kind of temps are you talking about? day/night? I grow outside and have plants outside now. My temps at night have been down to mid/upper 30s. My plants are young and while the cold slows they’re growth a little they bounce back really fast when it warms. Yours in flower I would think growth would slow with colder temps . you don’t want that… but as long as you don’t go below 34 35 degrees over night and warms during the day,you could do it.


Here in mid coast Maine we don’t put them in the ground until the last weekend or 2 of May.
Neem oil and pyrethrum are good basic low toxicity pesticides. You’ll want to add BTK caterpillar killer to your list as well. H2O2 in your nutrient mix can’t hurt either.


@Trippy_kidd yes I agree it’s looking like at least another week or 2 before putting them out, we stI’ll had a light frost 2 nights ago. Putting the 2 outside at the beginning of the grow season is going to give you monsters because they will continue to veg until they go into flower which should be near September.
That’s about all I can help you with. Outdoor pests are a different game than indoor. So I’m not even going to pretend I know what I’m talking about.


Yeah I’m south east Michigan right by Detroit and I’ve been working and it’s been 85 for 2 days except today it’s rained all day but I have a great sun light and yes they’re already actually up to my chin and I’m 5’8 soooo they’re about 5 feet actually and I got bamboo sticks to bend outward to expand them I can get pictures tomorrow on how big they are and they’re double topped boy oh boy so really I want them to start to flower as soon as I put them outside becuase I want as little time possible exposure to the outdoors except for the sunlight and they’re in 7 gallon pots and I may bump them to 10 if I put them outside maybe I really do t need them much bigger but just to produce but so if I put them outside around mid to end June when would they start to flower and do I have to take them inside at night or is that preference ? Sorry I didn’t tag anyone I tried to address everyone who answered


Here’s a quick pic to kinda see I know you can’t really tell their size rn but I’ll measure tomorrow