New to LED Lighting

What distance and what power should I use with a 600 watt LED light through each stage of growth?

First thing you need to find out is what is the acture or true Wattage of your led, not the amazon fake Wattage.

Then be aware lighting requirements change for each stage of the plant but ultimately height is a mute point.

Hear is a good read


Also take into account the power of newer quantum boards. the old 50w per SQ ft is out the window with them. Closer to ~25-30


Okay still need more information Please help!

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Read what Nickysaid above. Do you have a link to the exact light you have?

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First thing is to let us know what kind of light you have. As nicky pointed out if it’s a Amazon cheapie then it’s not actually 600w. If you can let us know the name brand then we will be able to check actual wattage. Until we know that, can’t really give any advice about distance or power settings.


Manufacturer should have some recommendations. Generally a good starting place with leds!

The Vendor said it is a Samsung.

If u don’t give link or model of light no one will be able to help

Believe it or not. There are different bin levels of 301s. A company claiming to have Samsung 301h or 301b diodes doesn’t mean much if they aren’t top bin. Plus other rumors of them being Sansung (Chinese clone maker company) diodes and a common misspelling in translation. Since Samsung doesn’t sell their diodes to any Chinese grow light company. Sansung sure likes to make their products sound like Samsung.

It was Samsung who suggested it was probably them putting out the diodes the Chinese companies are using.

What I love most is there is no note30. My note 20 ultra is the most recent note…

Do you have a par meter? So that you can test the real PPFD by yourself. The Vendor can supply you a PPFD for reference, pls make sure that they provides the real PPFD map. For the clone or seeding stage, it is no need to supply too much light, 150 PPFD is good, pal pay attention to the crops response to the light supplying. For the veg and followering stage, have you added CO2? If not, 900-1200 PPFD is Ok.
If no par meter and your light is powerful. then pls hand up, if not, then closer. Good luck, growers!

Can you explain to me what lighting and C02 have to do with one another?

Light is a Maxchampion 600 watt.

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