New to indoor growing need help

I’m new to growing on my second grow in a 2x4x5 tent 6in inline ex 4 in 8 in 2 3x11 in supply I have 2 mars 300 and a no name 600 watt led light just added a 40 watt corn cob bulb and 4 100 watt 6500 cal for my chem dawg I just started 2 wks ago my problem is with a white widow auto extreem from AMS it got to 10 on tall and stoped growing up just got fat not tall

the plant with buds is a white widow extreem auto been in soil since 9/12/17 supposed to be a 9 week plant temps are 28°to 24° lights on 22°to 25°lights off having trouble keeping humidity above 32% up yo 40 now I’m on 85 days on soil fox farm ocean forest snd happy frog and perelite mix was using house water with ascorbic acid and fox farm nuets big bloom grow big tiger bloom it seems to be taking forever for the nids to fatten up what am I doing wrong have more pics

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When they say 8-9 weeks that’s just flower times. Of course there’s been autos that finish earlier but for the most part it will go into the 100-120 days from sprout.
She looks great and getting fatter by the day.
I’d say your doing awesome
Welcome to Ilgm by the way, wonderful place here a lot of helpful folks

There is a month BETWEEN pics just growing messed up

Thank you the new one is a chem dawg this is the first plant in starting with 4 100 watt vel 6500k 1 40 watt corn bulb i think its 5000 or 6500k pmus i have a 300 watt mars led have 2 in tent here is a pic of my tent i live growing weed everyone in my fam is sick of listening to me talking bud good to have like minded people to talk to thanks for input


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Hey what’s up this is my chem dawg auto seed went into 6.5 oh water on 11/14 paper towel on 11/15 And into the soil on 11/17 in fox farm ocean forest with happy frog broke ground on 11/20 so my question is my plant growing the way it should o saw a CD they said it was on day 23 and had some bud forming I’m lost I feel like I’m doing something wrong are my lights to close my plants seem to stay short and bushy any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks

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@Kilakev420 she is a compact thing isn’t she. What lights have you got over her and how high above is the light?

If that LED is big enough you can probably use the CFL’s just for side lighting and/ or just get them out of the way of the LED.