New to indoor growing. Need help fixing this little lady

From what I have researched I’m thinking "Nitrogen toxicity " ? I know she is over watered, I waited a full 4 days between watering. I’m growing in poly 5 gal grow bags, they have drain holes in sides and bottom. They hold water forever, I was worried about dehydration after 4 days. I’m using 1000w MH grow lights, Titan controls saturn 6 environmental controller, Co2 set for 1500 rpm. What do the pros think ?


I think you are on point with the nitrogen toxicity. I would flush and check your ppm

Thanks buddy

Get em out of the plastic bags and into fabric pots. You will see an amazing difference in growth rate. What is the soil and what is that top dressing? That could also inhibit moisture loss.


The soil is from my farm land which is really good for farming & Potting soil I added bat quano, worm castings, blood meal, fishbone meal, azomite, fulvic acid, and a few bags of miracle grow potting soil (now I know I shouldn’t have added that) It wasnt alot & this was for approx 750 gallons of soil.

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It might pay to do a slurry test of both PH and TDS to make sure your soil mix is in the growth range for cannabis (roughly 5.5 to 6.8) and if it falls outside of that PH, nutrients become locked out from reaching the roots (they won’t dissolve in the wrong PH water) so you end up chasing nutrient deficiencies.

There are things to do to help so if you don’t have a decent PH meter it’s time you bought one. It’s the most used tool most of us have. A TDS (PPM) meter is inexpensive and invaluable for what you are trying to do.

What you should also be careful of is to not make a soil that is dense. Cannabis likes loose, airy soil with lots of organic material in it. Peat and coco are both used to add loft. Fabric pots accentuate the affect.

Hope that helps a bit.


Thank you, I appreciate your help. I have a digital ph meter but it wouldn’t calibrate, I ordered a new one this morning. The one and only good thing about the grow bags is that I can gently roll them in my hands to loosen up the soil. I’m doing all I can to resolve this, I have 155 plants going .


you will get it sorted bud.
take some photos, 155 gotta love plants on mass.

the increase o2 to the roots with the fabric is worth it.

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Thank I appreciate it. I’m doing all I can, this is what I do for a living, its hemp not marijuana but basically the same thing. I grew 260,000 plants outdoors on my farm that got pollinated and nearly bankrupted me. I spent the last of my life savings to try and recover with a smaller indoor grow (45’x60’) so it is pretty important for me to resolve this. That is why I have the poly bags, thought they would be ok. Setting up a indoor is expensive.


Welcome to the community @Skullpunch027 I like the way you think big but I have to ask how do you take care 260,000 plants. Good luck getting back on track.

Welcome to the forum @Skullpunch027

Well, it’s a full time job. It’s like most other crops you just monitor it, try to keep weeds down manually.


Did you clone your own or use someone else’s? Hopefully not from seed. Assuming you ran cbd hemp vs grain and fiber

All of this for cbd…?
Just curious…:thinking::wink::+1:

So many things…

What are your temps at?

Filling out a support ticket will answer a lot of questions at once.

Support ticket info.

Yes, it is for cbd

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Temp 75° - 80°F have fans set to come on at 85° F, humidity between 60% - 70%. They have started growing again, between yesterday and today there is a noticable difference. The new growth on plants (not talking about yesterday & today) dont show any signs of toxicity.

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Should I still flush them when they dry out ? They still have not dried out and are not ready.

I would wait till they dry out…
If you do it now , you run the risk of drowning them…:wink: