New to indoor growing. Lighting questions

I understand what you are saying and I have looked for hours at all the awesome options on amazon. However now that its legal to grow in Michigan I still must, it seems, transition slowly into this idea and prove the value of this awesome resource to those close to me. I am just another old hippie that remembers the 1969 and the summer of love…grinsss…I have done at least 25 small stealth outdoor grows in my lifetime with mixed success but have never attempted to grow indoors. So yes I am very limited to what I can actually purchase at this time, especially on line. I have several LED bulbs laying around that cost 50 cents for the warm and about $1.50 for the cool whites. So because I have this small full spectrum light already I thought I could possible add to it and get at least some level of success.
Thanks …Poppa B.


I completely agree that this is less then an ideal space but it is what it is. I am not looking for huge yields at first as this is primarily a way to prove to myself and others that I can do it. I am retired now because of severe arthritis in my back and both knees and I know myself that even the ditch weed I have grown in secret is far better then the pain meds I am prescribed with just makes me cranky…LOL…
So thanks for your kind advice dude!.. Poppa B.


Exactly what I have researched. According to my calculations I will need to scrog at about 10 inches? What size pot should I use as I am trying to use as little vertical space as possible? I have already chosen the white widow strain and I understand it is a medium to short strain?..I will just have to do my best and I so much appreciate all the support I am getting here so far!
Poppa B.

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I’m good with that. Was just looking from the standpoint of you having to buy a bunch of Edison bases, wire, and other construction materials. That stuff can add up quickly!

I did a tutorial here last year on a $100ish diy led light. Another member used exact light and harvested 5.5 ounces in 2x2 scrog grow on his first grow with it. It’s very well documented journal here, and may be worth checking out. You seem like a diy orientated person, so if that’s an option I’d rather see you spend your money in that direction than any other is all.


I do very much enjoy the challenge of making something myself and will for sure check out your tutorial. I am still new to all this forum stuff but I will go and try to locate it now.I have been doing maintenance on rentals for years so I have a bit of knowledge here and there…I know not much about anything but a little about a lot of things…LOL…
Thanks so much Dude!.. Poppa B…

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I got you brother.

Keep in mind with diy there is a lot of opportunities to adjust for whatever you want or need. If you have access to cheap or free aluminum will help a lot, and we can certainly try to find some components to fit what you have. I’ve helped at least a few dozen members complete projects like this. They can be pretty simple with the right stuff.



with the very short vertical ceiling…start SCROG as soon as possible. keep veg short, when you flip to 12/12 there is a growth spurt that can quickly double the height.

as to pot size…might be best to use a short wide container. Like a big shoe storage container. roots don’t much care if it’s down or spread out…long as they get nutrition.

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check out the short container used here…

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Seems like a nice setup…for my old sprouting box ,in a ventilated hidden box behind a hinged shelf under the basement stairs, (LOL) I used a similar cfl light set up only I just mounted a strip outlet at the top and plugged my bulbs in with adapters…Yours is much cooler. Your, what appears to my untrained eyes to be, hydroponics setup is very interesting. DIY right? I’m sure I will go that route eventually but for now Ill stick with what I know at least a little about. Is there a tutorial on how you built this?
Thanks!..very cool!..Poppa B.

One the many sources of information on this site.
A possible option but not mine.
If you are in a NOT FREE Country…like Texas.
Best to use items found at the local super shopping centers.

Actually, this (18x18x48) sounds like the perfect amount of space for an autoflower plant. I’d suggest White Widow Auto Flower as your first venture. It will fit in there perfectly and is very popular as both an easy to grow plant and a good smoke.

Ok I recalculated and it seems I will need to set my scrog no more then 8" from top of the pot. I will take your advice and try to find a custom container with a bit less vertical and maybe gain an inch or two. Do to the total grow height being less then 2 feet will 2 gallon pots work?. I will probably start 2 plants to give me a better chance of having at least one, but if they both sprout ok I would not have the heart to destroy one of them.
Thanks Dude!..Poppa B.

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perhaps looking back I would have purchased auto flowers. but I didnt want to mess around with males so I am now the proud owner of 20 white widow fem seeds which arrived two days ago, Big shout out to ILGM! I will just have to do my best and see what happens…grinsss…
i will get busy with my build and check back later as I am sure I will have a thousand questions.

Thanks…Lets all have fun!..Poppa B.


Okay. For future reference, all of their auto flower plants are female.

try to find a container 17"x17"x 8-10" tall, maximize the root room and height.!

like dbrn suggested, get a game plan and a decent idea of what the diy light fixture will cost,
18x18" = 2.25 sf, u need 125-150 watts of cheap LED’s (blurple and light bulbs)
-62w = 60 to 90 watts still needed, that is several home depot light bulbs, (8 duh huh)
it is several sockets and wire and nuts (hehehe)…

for $100 u could use one small LED Quantum Board,

this would be 65w of heat to deal with instead of 120w of heat from the LED and bulbs,
and later when u expand into something bigger…
u could light a 1x3’ area with both LED’s and have enough light/space to never buy bud again.!!

if u do go QB, get the DIY, it is super simple to assemble.!
the HLG 135w V2 QB’s was easy to do remote drivers, only needed longer wire…
this is in a diy, self contained stealth box, pictured is the top ‘mechanical’ and drying chamber…

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Get a fabric pot like a 10 gallon. Fill it to the level you want and fold over the rest. Done! Custom height, cheap, the best type of grow container for soil etc.

Can you install you lights above the grow space? That’s what I did and it allows you a LOT more vertical room for the plants. It gets tough to water when the SCROG is crammed down right on top of the pot. I usually shoot for 12 to 15" above the soil level.


I really like your lighting ideas Old guy…But alas my light is now finished for the time being for better or worse. I spent a large portion of my tiny budget on seeds. I had a small full spectrum LED grow light that was gifted to my wife for planting veggies indoors ( Led Plant Grow Light Full Spectrum, GEARGO 300W 100pcs Led UV & IR Grow Lamp with Cooling Fan) I have surrounded it with 8 bulb sockets mounted on PVC piping and plan to use warm white LEDs that draw 9.5 watts each and cool whites that I think draw about 11 watts or so.I had most of this stuff laying around from past maintenance jobs. I understand that the grow light draws around 62 watts so this should give me around 140ish watts total…I hope this will be enough to get me started??

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You are a life saver My friend!..I think your solution is a winner!..wish I would have thought of it…glad you did!..grinsss. yes the light will be installed directly above. With any luck I should have around 38" of vertical space between pot and light. Minus around 20" for space from light leaves about 18" of grow space. That being said I will train the plant early and set a scrog at 9". I have always grown outdoors where the sky is the limit so this should be interesting…LOL…I have thought of the watering issues and have some ideas in mind but perhaps I will set the scrog closer to 12" and hope for the best. I will wait and see how the plant veges.
Thanks for you help!.. Poppa B.

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You shouldn’t have any trouble with those restrictions. You have obviously identified the weakest part of the grow which is your lighting and that can be addressed as time and money presents itself. @dbrn32 would be the one to poll on lighting when it comes to upgrading. My only advice is: DON’T BUY AN AMAZON LIGHT WITHOUT LOOKING AT ALL THE OTHER OPTIONS.

You won’t in all likelihood have the maximum yield possible under those conditions but you should still grow some great cannabis. Stay away from Miracle Gro products and keep it as organic as possible. Start a journal here and tag folks in and they will all help when (if) you need it.


Thanks so much friend. Yes when I look at amazon for LED lights it will makes my head spin!. LOL. As I said this grow light was never intended to grow weed but for now it is what it is. Which brings me to the last thing I need to settle before I start and that is grow medium. It seems to me that my best option is to keep it all as simple as possible this go around. I agree that I will use an organic medium and I do have a little experience at making mixes for starting plants that I transplanted outdoors. What I have in mind is to watch my PH levels and use some sort of organic soil that will pretty much feed my plant for at least most of the grow…I would perhaps mix this with some coco and extra vermiculite. When it comes to nutrients I have no clue and I am limited at this point to options from places like Lowes or Home Depot. But like I said I want to keep this as simple as possible and hopefully get enough yield to prove I can do it…I have grown a shitload of ditch weed in my time and never thought I would see the day when this is legal!..I pinch myself each day if I’m dreaming. I come from a time when we risk everything just to smoke a joint so its still hard to adjust to this new freedom

Thanks for your kind advice Dude!..Poppa B.